realme CEO Sky Li Graces Forbes Cover, Heralds GT Series Comeback

realme Sky Li Forbes Cover

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Sky Li, the dynamic Founder and CEO of realme, recently made a striking appearance on the cover of Forbes Magazine. In an insightful interview, Li shared the exciting news that the leading smartphone brand is poised to disrupt the high-end market with the eagerly anticipated comeback of its flagship GT series. After a two-year hiatus, realme is armed with a renewed conviction to excel in the premium smartphone segment.

GT is Back with Ambition

realme Sky Li Forbes Cover

In the Forbes interview, Sky Li expressed strong assurance in realme’s ability to make a remarkable impact in the high-end market. He reiterated the brand’s deep understanding of young consumers, asserting that the upcoming realme GT 6 would exceed anticipated performance benchmarks. The comeback of the GT series is driven by the widespread global demand among realme users, emphasizing the tech company’s commitment to meeting user expectations.

Undeterred by the diverse array of flagship smartphones available, realme demonstrates a fearless competitive spirit. The brand is not only leveraging its existing advantages in performance but also sets its sights on substantial progress in the AI scene. Furthermore, with the consistent impressive results delivered by realme’s number series, it is believed that the return of the GT series will resonate with young users.

New Flagship Killer

The realme GT 5G marked the inception of the GT Series and premiered in India on August 18, 2021. It earned the prestigious title “Flagship Killer 2021” from acclaimed media sources. The long-awaited GT 6 is positioned to surpass its predecessors by a large margin, bringing fresh vitality into a stagnant market. The GT Series, equipped with a set of cutting-edge technologies, is primed to shatter performance barriers across the board. Additionally, the new products of the realme GT Series will be a perfect blend of state-of-the-art AI experience and advanced technology, positioned as the “New Flagship Killer Powered by AI”.

realme will be the AI Popularizer

AI is poised to shake up the mobile phone industry and reshape the tech landscape. The emergence of the AIGC era promises to drive market expansion, ushering AI-enabled smartphones into a new phase of growth. “The competition in the industry will shift from hardware alone to a combination of hardware, software, and overall technological capability. AI is becoming the next hotly contested spot, AI imaging, voice and interaction will be the three major trends on the future development of AI,” says Sky Li, in an insightful conversation with Forbes.

In the midst of this era, realme is seizing opportunities to invest in AI innovation and positioning itself as an AI popularizer. With the brand’s latest release, realme will be among the brands worldwide to pioneer and fully integrate cutting-edge AI technology into smartphones, prioritizing enhancements in imaging and daily efficiency tasks.

realme remains steadfast in its promise to a user-centric approach, empowering young consumers with accessible AI solutions. In the future, the entire realme brand will be guided by the objective to address the holistic needs of the young generation, creating distinct AI functionalities tailored to their preferences and lifestyle.

To learn more about realme’s latest updates, visit the realme official website and follow realme on Facebook.


Q: What is the significance of Sky Li’s appearance on the cover of Forbes Magazine?

A: Sky Li’s appearance on the cover of Forbes Magazine highlights the success and ambition of realme, a leading smartphone brand. It signifies realme’s growing prominence in the global market and its determination to disrupt the high-end segment with the comeback of the GT series.

Q: What is the realme GT Series, and why is its comeback significant?

A: The realme GT Series is realme’s flagship smartphone lineup, known for its high-performance and cutting-edge features. Its comeback after a two-year hiatus is significant because it represents realme’s renewed focus on the premium market and its commitment to delivering exceptional devices to its users.

Q: What makes the realme GT 6 stand out?

A: The realme GT 6 is expected to surpass its predecessors in terms of performance and capabilities. It is poised to be a “New Flagship Killer Powered by AI,” combining advanced hardware with cutting-edge AI technologies for enhanced imaging, voice interaction, and overall user experience.

Q: How is realme positioning itself in the AI era?

A: realme recognizes the growing importance of AI in the mobile industry and is positioning itself as an “AI Popularizer.” The brand aims to integrate cutting-edge AI technologies into its smartphones, making advanced AI features accessible to young consumers and tailoring them to their lifestyles and preferences.

Q: What are realme’s future plans regarding AI and user-centric approach?

A: Moving forward, realme’s entire brand will be guided by the objective of addressing the holistic needs of the young generation. The company plans to create distinct AI functionalities tailored to the preferences and lifestyles of its target audience, while empowering them with accessible AI solutions.

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