Apple Hybrid Foldable Device Details Leak

Apple Hybrid Foldable Device

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Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo sheds more light on Apple’s upcoming hybrid foldable devices. Kuo predicts that Apple might release not just one, but two foldable gadgets in the first half of 2026.

Apple Hybrid Foldable Device

Apple is purportedly developing two form factors: a 20.25-inch model and an 18.8-inch variant. Folded, these measure 14 – 15 inches and 13 – 14 inches, respectively, making them more portable.

This is consistent with earlier rumors that a foldable tablet-like device could launch in late 2025 or early 2026.

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According to the report, LG will supply foldable panels, crease-free, costing between USD 600 – 650, with a high-cost hinge from Amphenol, and a foldable device featuring a USD 200 – 250 hinge.

Both foldable models are said to be powered by the company’s in-house M5 series chip, promising robust performance. Kuo also offers a rough estimate of the overall cost. If initial projections hold, 

The company’s first foldable device could be priced similarly to the current Vision Pro, which starts at USD 3,499. Despite the high price tag, Kuo suggests that shipments might surpass those of the Vision Pro, potentially reaching around 1 million units.

The brand’s foldable technology, featuring advanced panels and powerful chips, could revolutionize the hybrid foldable market, potentially reshaping tablet and laptop interactions with more concrete details.


Q: When will Apple release its foldable devices?

A: the company is expected to launch two foldable devices in the first half of 2026. This aligns with recent rumors suggesting a debut in late 2025 or early 2026.

Q: What are the expected specifications of these foldable devices?

A: The devices will come in two sizes: 20.25 inches and 18.8 inches, folding down to 14-15 inches and 13-14 inches, respectively. They will feature crease-free panels supplied by LG and will be powered by Apple’s in-house M5 series chip.

Q: How much will Apple’s foldable devices cost?

A: The foldable devices are expected to be priced similarly to the current Vision Pro, starting at around USD 3,499. The high costs are due to advanced technology such as crease-free panels and high-cost hinges.


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