Metro Manila Traffic – Worst in the World in 2023

Metro Manila traffic worst in the world 2023 TomTom Traffic INdex 2023

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According to the 2023 TomTom Traffic Index, Metro Manila has the worst traffic congestion among 387 metro areas in the world. Yes, the world!

Metro Manila Traffic Tops 2023 TomTom Traffic Index

The feat is after the country’s capital city overtook Bogota, Colombia which previously held the top spot in 2022. Bogota has since dropped to fifth.

According to TomTom, the map-making company that started the Traffic Index, a metro area is a circling covering the city and rural areas in close proximity. The index measured the traffic of the entire region.

The average travel time per 10km for motorists in the metro as per the 2023 study increased by 50 seconds compared to 2022 and with a whopping 25 min 30 sec. Moreover, the country’s capital had a congestion level of 52% and an average speed of 19 km/h in rush hour.

The company also calculated that the time lost per year at rush hours is at 117 hours, a 12-hour and 51 minute increase compared to 2022. That’s a total of 4 days and 21 hours lost in traffic alone!

The company equated the lost time to reading approximately 49 books. For those who enjoy listening to music, that equals around 10,080 songs (with an average of 3 minutes and 30 seconds per song) played on Spotify, YouTube Music, or Apple Music.

The company also found out the traffic was the toughest on October 27, 2023 with an average travel time to drive 10km being 33 minutes and 10 seconds.

Metro Manila was followed by Lima, Peru; Bengaluru, India; Sapporo, Japan; and Bogota, Colombia in the 2023 Index.

Here’s what the top 10 looks like, if you’re curious:

Metro Manila traffic worst in the world 2023 TomTom Traffic INdex 2023 top 10 metros

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