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OpenAI has introduced its new flagship Large Language Model (LLM) – GPT-4o which will be available for all users of ChatGPT. Yes, this means free users get it too, albeit these features will be available for free users soon.

The ‘o’ in the name stands for Omni and it features powerful translation capabilities in real-time among other features.

OpenAI – GPT-4o

The company’s latest LLM’s main highlight is its translation feature which can translate conversations in a user-friendly manner across 20 languages. These languages include Russian, Korean, Vietnamese, Turkish, Italian, German, English, and even Indian Languages like Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Telugu, and Urdu.

In addition, the new model can now analyze images and videos directly, similar to Google Lens and other similar features.

Both features are even more handy when using the the ChatGPT apps for Android and iOS.

According to OpenAI, the Voice Mode of ChatGPT has also been improved to respond to inputs in as little as 232 ms, with an average response of 320 ms.

OpenAI GPT-4o 1

The company is rolling out its new LLM to Plus and Enterprise users today but it will also be made available to all free users soon. Usage limits though are 5x higher for its paid users and once exhausted, ChatGPT will switch to its GPT-3.5 model.

OpenAI has also launched a ChatGPT app for macOS that can be accessed by using the shortcut Option+Space. The company has revealed that it is also working on a desktop app for Windows users.

If you’re interested to read more on the new LLM from OpenAI, visit the official website.


Q: What is GPT-4o?

A: it is OpenAI’s latest flagship LLM that builds on the GPT-4 model.

Q: What are some features of GPT-4o?

A: The main highlight of the new LLM is real-translation features. In addition, it can now also analyze images and videos directly.

Q: Who can use GPT-4o?

According to OpenAI, the capabilities of its latest model will be rolled out in iterations but will generally be available for free users.

Free users will get to try out the new text and image capabilities but Plus users will have up to 5x higher message limits. Meanwhile, the new version of Voice Mode will be introduced to ChatGPT Plus users in the coming weeks.

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