Two New Samsung ISOCELL Vizion Sensors Unveiled

Samsung ISOCELL Vizion 63D and 931 launch 1

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Samsung introduces two new sensors to the Samsung ISOCELL Vizion line-up – the ISOCELL Vizion 63D and Vizion 931. The 63D sensor features an integrated depth-sensing ISP, reducing system power consumption by up to 40%. While the Vizion 931 is built more with XR headsets in mind.

Samsung ISOCELL Vizion 63D and Vizion 931

Samsung ISOCELL VIzion 63D

The 63D is a 1/6.4-inch indirect ToF sensor with 3.5µm pixels, capable of capturing depth information at 60fps and 640 x 480p modes. It supports flood and spot lighting models, with high resolution at 5m and 10m ranges. Built with Backside Scattering Technology, it is sensitive to infrared light.

Moreover, the Samsung ISOCELL Vizion 63D is a global shutter image sensor used in service and industrial robots, XR devices, and facial recognition. Its “jello” or rolling shutter effect makes image recognition tasks more difficult due to distorted images. XR is a major focus for the sensor.

Samsung ISOCELL Vizion 931 - 1

On the other hand, the Vizion 931 is a global shutter sensor for iris recognition, eye tracking, and facial detection in head-mounted display devices like XR headsets. It allows up to four sensors to be connected with a single wire, simplifying product wiring.

Both sensors are being sampled by OEMs worldwide.


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