The Philosophy of the OPPO Find N3 Flip Outer Screen

OPPO Find N3 Flip cover screen philosophy 1

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OPPO once again sets the standard in the user’s overall experience by introducing enhancements in its latest flip smartphone with the announcement of the OPPO Find N3 Flip.

This comes after the Find N2 Flip offered the largest cover screen of any flip phone in the market with a 3.26-inch large display.

OPPO Find N3 Flip

Vertical is Better

OPPO had a choice when making the OPPO Find N3 Flip – follow the trend and try and make the biggest cover screen once again, or think differently.

They went back and took a serious look at what kind of cover screen provides the best user experience.

Considering the daily scenarios users encounter and OPPO’s in-depth understanding of its global, they still believe that “Vertical is Better”.

Selfies with Vertically No Crop

When you use the cover screen to take selfies, you can see the full preview.

OPPO Find N3 Flip cover screen philosophy 3

The company has made it so it’s still the same orientation as your smartphone screen making the outer display familiar. It’s also the same orientation as the phone’s camera sensor. This means it captures photos with virtually no crop.

The vertical cover screen of the OPPO Find N3 Flip can still provide a better preview of more content, helping you compose your shots more effectively and confidently.

Bigger is Better

Most Android apps are designed to work on a vertical screen. Therefore, the vertical cover screen of the OPPO Find N3 Flip gives a more natural and intuitive experience. The larger screen can also offer more information.

Compared to other products, OPPO’s latest foldable can provide previews of more text messages and emails and show more of the conversation details.

OPPO Find N3 Flip cover screen philosophy 2

Moreover, it can also display more complete social media posts on platforms like X (formerly Twitter), including the full text and the entire four accompanying images.

The differences are not solely determined by screen size but are the most noticeable efficiency disparities users experience in their lives.

The Next-Level Cover Screen Experience

OPPO has been working with its partners like Google to fine-tune the experience for each app to make sure all the supporting apps scale as well as possible on the cover screen.

Out of the box, the foldable will support dozens of the most popular apps on the cover screen. These include Google apps like Phone, Maps, Keep, and Gmail, along with other popular apps such as social media, short video, music streaming and food delivery apps, car-hailing services, maps, online payment solutions, and more.

OPPO Find N3 Flip cover screen philosophy 1

This means you can answer the phone with Google Dial, hail a taxi with Grab, navigate with Google Maps, check your social media, or even reply to messages in Telegram with a Google keyboard, all from the cover screen.

More apps will be added to the Find N3 Flip’s cover screen through future software updates. With new app support, OPPO believes you will experience the next-level cover screen on the Find N3 Flip.

For more information and for more updates on the OPPO Find N3 Flip, visit OPPO Philippines’ official website or Facebook page.

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