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X - Twitter

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Twitter CEO Elon Musk recently announced that Twitter will now start using the X logo and it could eventually lead to using

Bye, Bye Twitter?

Musk shared a teaser video of a glitchy switch from the iconic blue bird logo to the X with a more gritty vibe. Additionally, he changed his profile picture to the X logo and mentioned earlier in the day that “we shall bid adieu to the Twitter brand and, gradually, all the birds”.

The logo change was also implemented on the official account as well. When Musk acquired the platform in October, the business name was changed to X Corp but it wasn’t used it in any branding sense until now.

X - Twitter

The social media platform has used the iconic blue bird logo since it launched in 2016 and has gone through new iterations.

What isn’t certain though, as of writing this, is if this is the final logo and when we’ll see the switch officially. However, Musk has secured the address and it now leads to the official page.

Update (7/24/23, 9:54 PM) The platform has started changing the logo starting with the web app. The company has replaced the blue bird when you first load into the app as well as replaced the bright login page. The latter offers a plan black background, however, it still reads “Sign in to Twitter”.

As you log in to the platform, the X logo is now used on the upper left corner of the web app. We assume it’s just a matter of time until we see it rolled out for the mobile apps. Looks like it’s indeed bye, bye birdie, hello X.

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