Infinix Collaborates with Tesla Science Center

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Infinix has partnered with Tesla Science Center at Wardencylffe to honor the spirit of innovation and pay homage to the pioneers of inventions. This is a testament to Infinix’s unremitting innovation and visionary exploration of future technologies.

Driven by his exceptional vision and intelligence, Nikola Tesla, one of the most brilliant minds in history, laid the bedrock for modern technologies and envisioned a future filled with promise for humanity. We are honored to pay homage to the legacy of Nikola Tesla and his groundbreaking work and excited to continue pushing the boundaries of innovation with this collaboration. We hope to inspire young minds to pursue their passion for science and technology fearlessly.”

Lake Hu, Infinix CMO

Infinix x Tesla Science Center

To celebrate the collaboration, Infinix will financially support the development and initiatives of the Tesla Science Center. Additionally, it will include a series of dialogues and campus events with the goal to inspire young futurists to follow in Nikola Tesla’s footsteps.

Infinix x Tesla Science Center 2

Nikola Tesla amassed an awe-inspiring collection of hundreds of patents throughout of his 86-year lifetime. His pioneering accomplishments, encompassing the development of the alternating current system and wireless power transmission, have left an indelible impact on modern technology.

Inifnix has consistently been at the forefront of pioneering innovation, with a special emphasis on advancing fast-charging technology. In 2021, the company introduced the groundbreaking 160W fast charging technology. This was then followed by the release of the ZERO series in 2022 with 180W fast charging capabilities. Earlier this year, the company further pushed the boundaries with the introduction of 260W and 110W wireless All-Round FastCharge technologies.

Infinix x Tesla Science Center 3

Today, the company proudly joins hands with Tesla Science Center, working together to preserve and promote the invaluable legacy and visionary ideas of Nikola Tesla.

With the newly launched NOTE 30 series, Infinix embraces Tesla’s scientific audacity and ambitious vision. The company is also the first to bring wireless fast charging to the segment through its All-Round FastCharge solution. The charging solution not only delivers speed but also ensures safety, intelligence, and flexibility.

Infinix x Tesla Science Center 1

Through the collaboration, Infinix and the Tesla Science Center aim to inspire the next generation of futurists through a well-curated experience on a Tesla-inspired device and a series of campus events, dialogues, and competitions.

Infinix’s Xclub and campaigns will also join the force to promote the collaboration as well as call for ideas and inventions.

For more details, visit the official website.

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