Meta to Discontinue Messenger App for Apple Watch

Meta - Messenger app - Apple Watch - discontinued

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According to some Apple Watch users, a notification was recently sent informing them that Facebook’s Messenger app on the Apple Watch won’t be available after May 31, 2023.

It was clarified in the notification though that the Watch users can still receive notifications on the wearable but they won’t be able to reply. The Messenger app allowed Apple Watch users to do things like voice clips, likes, and stickers, among other things all from the wearable.

Meta – Messenger Apple Watch App

To get a better idea for this seemingly sudden turn, Reviewgeek reached out to Meta regarding the app notification.

A Meta spokesperson replied saying, “People can still receive Messenger notifications on their Apple Watch when paired, but starting at the end of May they will no longer be able to respond from their watch. But they can continue using Messenger on their iPhone, desktop, and the web.”

This response clearly just reiterated the message in the notification and didn’t clearly give a reason for the decision. However, it is speculated that the decision to pull out of the Apple Watch app system is due to either redundancy or the lack of an increase in users.

Meta - Messenger app - Apple Watch - discontinued

Messenger will be joining a growing list of Apple Watch apps that have been discontinued. Among these include Instagram, Hulu, Trello, Twitter, and Uber.

Additionally, over time, Apple has started focusing on fitness and health features on the Apple Watch as a primary functionality as opposed to a platform for other apps.


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