2023 Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TVs, Improved Q Soundbar Debut in PH

2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV Launch (21)

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Samsung recently announced the highly anticipated arrival of its 2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K and Samsung OLED TV lineup, as well as the updated Q Soundbar in the Philippines. These products combine the brand’s latest technologies and innovations to elevate your home entertainment to extraordinary new heights.

2023 Neo QLED 8K: Your Gateway to Visual Splendor

2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV Launch (20)

The 2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TVs boast Quantum Dot technology, delivering a kaleidoscope of vibrant and lifelike colors in true 8K resolution. Every hue and shade are presented with unparalleled clarity and accuracy, breathing life into your favorite content and transporting you into the heart of the action. From the awe-inspiring landscapes of nature documentaries to the explosive visuals of blockbuster movies, every detail is rendered with stunning realism.

The Neo QLED TVs also feature Mini LED backlighting for exceptional contrast and precision. Prepare to be entranced by the deep blacks and radiant whites that illuminate even the subtlest nuances in every scene. With lifelike depth and remarkable clarity, you’ll feel as though you’ve stepped into an entirely new realm of entertainment.

Immerse yourself in a cinematic experience from the comfort of your own home with the Neo QLED 8K TV. Delight in movies and TV shows with unparalleled realism, as every color, texture, and detail are brought to life. Feel the excitement and emotions as if you were right there in the midst of the action. Whether you’re a film aficionado, a sports enthusiast, or a gaming connoisseur, these TVs can serve as a portal to an unforgettable entertainment journey.

Samsung OLED TV: Redefining Gaming and Beyond

2023 Samsung Neo QLED 8K TV Launch (41)

Featuring OLED technology enhanced with a Neural Quantum Processor 4K, the Samsung OLED TV delivers flawless blacks and limitless contrast, ensuring that every detail is brought to life with exceptional clarity and depth. From the vibrant colors of fantasy realms to the mysterious shadows of dark passageways, these displays immerse you in a visually stunning experience that sparks your imagination.

These TVs are equipped with top-notch features that set it apart from the competition, particularly in gaming. With a rapid 144Hz refresh rate, the lightning-fast response times and incredibly low input lag guarantee that your commands are executed with precision, granting you the upper hand over your adversaries.

Immerse yourself in heart-pounding action with smooth gameplay and fluid motion that keeps pace with even the most demanding gaming sessions. With the Samsung OLED TV, gaming becomes an immersive adventure like never before. Feel the surge of adrenaline as you plunge into virtual worlds with lifelike visuals and seamless gameplay.

Samsung Q Soundbar: Complete Your Home Cinema Experience

Samsung Q Soundbar 2023

Designed to deliver unparalleled audio quality, Samsung’s updated Q Soundbar now features Dolby Atmos, and other advanced technologies that bring movies, music, and games to life. The Q-Symphony feature has been improved thanks to a Neural Quantum Processor, finely separating voice from background sounds for clear and dynamic sound effects optimized for every scene. With True 11.1.4 channel speakers and excellent soundstage, you’ll feel like you’re sitting in the middle of a movie theater or a live concert.

Samsung Neo QLED and OLED TV Pricing

Neo QLED 8K85” QN900C489,999439,999
75” QN800C289,999219,999
65” QN800C253,999149,999
Neo QLED 4K85” QN85C277,999249,999
75” QN85C183,999164,999
65” QN85C129,999104,999
55” QN85C105,99979,999
OLED77” S95C199,999164,999
65” S95C134,999104,999
65” S90C131,999101,999
55” S95C110,99979,999
55” S90C107,99974,999

To celebrate this launch, Samsung is providing a one-year premium access to Disney+ when you purchase a 2023 Neo QLED or Samsung OLED from May 22 to June 30, 2023. Visit any authorized Samsung retailer or Samsung.com to purchase. For more information, please visit www.samsung.com/ph.

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