Samsung Accused of Faking Moon Images Using A.I.


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Twitter recently became inundated with a Reddit article that claimed Samsung was fabricating moon pictures using AI.

Is Samsung faking images using A.I.?

The accusation was made by a Reddit user by the name of “ibreakphotos,” who noted that Samsung uses artificial intelligence or machine learning because their most recent Galaxy phones have 100x “space zoom” (starting with the S20 Ultra) and are built on a neural network of thousands of images of the celestial body.


It carried out an experiment to back up the assertion, demonstrating that Samsung is adding texture or complexity to the moon that isn’t truly there or wasn’t there in the first place.

In the aforementioned experiment, he used a display monitor to present a reduced, blurry image of the moon, and he used an unidentified Galaxy device to take a picture of it from the opposite end of the room (with the lights out).

Samsung Fake Moon Images

The Reddit user stated that “Samsung’s moon photographs are false” and that its “promotion is dishonest” after stating that “Samsung is utilizing an AI model to create craters and other features on spots which were just a fuzzy jumble.”

The Reddit poster also quoted a response from the Korean company in which the company denied adding phony moon textures to their images.

“When taking a photo with the Galaxy S21 cameras and Scene Optimizer is activated, once AI recognizes the object/scene it will work through every step of processing. No image overlaying or texture effects are applied when taking a photo because that would cause similar objects to share the same texture patterns if an object detection were to be confused by the Scene Optimizer.”

Samsung Team

To add more to the brand’s response, photography is clearly pushed to the more artificial end of the spectrum by AI-powered features like Samsung’s most recent Scene Optimizer, which has been creating moon photos like the one above since the Galaxy S21.

That’s because it employs multi-frame synthesis, deep learning, and what Samsung terms a “detail enhancement engine” to generate remarkable end results.

As consumers, we still don’t fully understand the operation of that engine. It’s reasonable to guess that the additional moon detail was created using the scant data that your Galaxy’s camera managed to gather. The company, however, continues to deny that this detail is just added to or overlaid on Space Zoom moon images.

In reality, we can say that the average consumer won’t even care, according to some Reddit users, as long as it’s something they just like doing, like shooting photographs of the moon, even if this may be a serious claim against Samsung.

You can check out the Reddit thread here.

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