TECNO Unveils Chameleon Color Changing Tech at MWC 2023


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The presentation of TECNO‘s innovative Chameleon Coloring Technology marks the company’s grand opening at Mobile World Congress 2023 (MWC 2023). It can generate a wide range of color patterns at the push of a button when placed in a device like the back of a smartphone.


TECNO Chameleon Color Changing technology

A grid of sub-micron prism material is used in the Chameleon Coloring Technology, a full-spectrum electrically-controller prism coloring technique, and it changes direction when an electric field is applied. 

TECNO Chameleon color changing tech 2

The material may scatter light in a variety of various wavelengths by carefully regulating the direction of the prism, creating the appearance of a wide spectrum of iridescent hues.

However, the material is not a display and does not produce any light. Instead, it scatters light off its surface, coloring it in the process.

TECNO Chameleon color changing tech 3

The software of the gadget allows users to manually select from a total of 1600 different colors for the sub-micron prism arrangement, or it may vary automatically depending on the battery level, music, or notifications. 

Up to 2 million times can be done in this manner, making it highly durable even with several adjustments made throughout the course of a day.

TECNO Chameleon color changing tech 4

The material has a 0.03-second color change time. It also uses very little energy; 100 changes throughout the course of a day use as much energy as watching a 5-minute video.

Although the new Chameleon Coloring Technology hasn’t yet found a place in a planned gadget, it’s possible that the company will release a smartphone using the technology sooner rather than later.


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