Report: A New Version of Microsoft Bing Powered by ChatGPT AI May be Coming Soon


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Microsoft is getting ready for a significant Microsoft Bing update. This update integrates OpenAI’s ChatGPT tech into the search engine.

Some users had reported their brief experience with the update before Microsoft quickly took it down confirming a major new version of Microsoft Bing with AI is coming soon.

Microsoft Bing with ChapGPT

Microsoft Bing

A netizen named Owen Yin shared a few screenshots and said to have tried out some of the new features before getting locked out showing some of the capabilities we may expect when it officially launches.

This new Bing describes itself as a “research assistant, personal planner, and creative partner at your side.”

Furthermore, one of the significant changes seen with the new AI-powered Microsoft Bing is that the search box is now a chat box that encourages natural language search rather than using keywords.

Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT leaked banner

With this added feature, you can ask the search engine for specific entries and ask for its opinion with responses popping up in a chat bubble. All the content shared with you will be cited and shown at the bottom of the chat bubble if you want to learn more about it.

As an example, Yin asked Bing what the current movies are out and then asked what the search engine AI is excited about most. It even responded by asking a question back, so it can better understand the searched term and provide further information if necessary.

Microsoft Bing with ChatGPT leaked UI

Moreover, you can communicate with it using natural language and state your plans or requirements, such as dietary needs or schedule conflicts, and it’ll bring you relevant information for your search request taking in the factors in your requirements.

The leakster also said that you can still search the web using keywords if you still prefer that option.

With this leaked information, we can fairly assume that this new version of Bing will be coming soon as Microsoft is planning to integrate AI into all of its products.


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