LG Display Showcased A 12-inch Stretchable Display


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LG Display has just demonstrated a new stretchable panel that can stretch from 12 inches up to 14 inches and back without damaging it. This is part of the rise of stretchable displays that comes alongside the rise of foldable devices.

LG Display showcases “Free Form” display

LG calls these “Free Form” displays. These displays can be easily integrated into clothing and furniture because they can easily be formed into complex shapes and can be stretched for a more comfortable fit.

LG Display

The company sees this tech flourishing in the fashion, wearables, mobility, automobile, aircraft, and gaming industry.

As far as prototypes go, the stretchable display showcased by LG is fairly high quality and it has 100ppi which is sa similar pixel density to some of its 40-inch 4K TVs. it also has full-color RGB support.

Moreover, the display is built on a special silicon foundation that is also used for contact lenses and it also boasts micro-LEDs( less than 40µm in size) that are connected using S-shaped springs instead of using straight wires making them able to stretch 20% and not fail.


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