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Apple has just released the latest iPad (10th Gen) and iPad Pro 2022. Now, the company has been preparing the Apple store after this release and it seems that the Apple iPad mini (2021) prices have increased in other regions. 

Prices of the iPad mini have not changed in the U.S. but in Europe, the prices went up at least 60 Euros more with countries like Poland getting a 20% price increase.

iPad mini (2021) price hike

iPad Mini

Here are some of the old and new prices of the iPad mini (2021) in regions outside of the U.S.:


Country64GB256GB64GB 5G256GB 5G
AustraliaAUD 750AUD 980AUD 980AUD 1,210
CanadaCAD 680CAD 880CAD 880CAD 1,080
FranceEUR 560EUR 730EUR 730EUR 900
GermanyEUR 550EUR 720EUR 720EUR 890
IndiaINR 47,000INR 61,000INR 61,000INR 75,000
IrelandEUR 570EUR 740EUR 740EUR 910
MalaysiaMYR 2,300MYR 2,950MYR 2,950MYR 3,600
NorwayNOK 6,000NOK 7,800NOK 7,800NOK 9,600
PolandPLN 2,600PLN 3,400PLN 3,400PLN 4,200
SwedenSEK 6,000SEK 7,800SEK 7,800SEK 9,600
ThailandTHB 17,900THB 23,400THB 23,400THB 28,900
The NetherlandsEUR 560EUR 730EUR 730EUR 900
UKGBP 480GPB 620GPB 620GPB 760
USUSD 500USD 650USD 650USD 800


Country64GB256GB64GB 5G256GB 5G
AustraliaAUD 830AUD 1,080AUD 1,080AUD 1,330
CanadaCAD 680CAD 880CAD 880CAD 1,080
FranceEUR 660EUR 860EUR 860EUR 1,060
GermanyEUR 650EUR 850EUR 850EUR 1,050
IndiaNR 50,000INR 65,000INR 65,000INR 80,000
IrelandEUR 670EUR 870EUR 870EUR 1,070
MalaysiaMYR 2,400MYR 3,150MYR 3,150MYR 3,900
NorwayNOK 7,000NOK 9,100NOK 9,100NOK 11,200
PolandPLN 3,200PLN 4,200PLN 4,200PLN 5,200
SwedenSEK 7,500SEK 9,700SEK 9,700SEK 11,900
ThailandTHB 19,900THB 25,900THB 25,900THB 31,900
The NetherlandsEUR 660EUR 860EUR 860EUR 1,060
UKGPB 570GPB 750GPB 750GPB 930
USUSD 500USD 650USD 650USD 800

Take note that currently, the iPad mini (2021) is more expensive than the latest iPad 10th Gen that was recently released. You are paying for the convenience of having a more compact device, a sharper display, and a faster chipset.


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