LG Duct UVnano Filter Box is Here to Protect Your Working Environment

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LG introduced the LG Duct UVnano Filter Box as a way to help reduce the risk of contaminants entering your workplace. This is in response to the current trend of people coming back to their offices and other public spaces.

LG UV-Nano-Duct-Filter-Box

The UVnano Filter Box is a complementary product that can be installed at the “return air side” (shown in the image above) of your HVAC unit that aims to clean indoor air and improve air quality.

LG UVnano Filter-Mulit-V
Can be upgraded with the UVnano Technology

Furthermore, here are the three main components of the LG Duct UVnano Filter Box: 

  • Pre-filter – this traps larger dust particles thus preventing the MERV-13 filter from being clogged. This filter can be re-used and washed.
  • UVnano LEDs – these UV LEDs shoot UVC or ultraviolet type C beams of light on the pre-filter to disinfect it. This has a 99.99% sterilization capability.
  • MERV-13 filter – this is a 2-inch thick filter that has an ISO 16890 classification of ePM1 50% which filters 50% of the PM1 dust particles in the air. Particles as small as 0.3μm in diameter can be trapped.

For more information regarding LG’s UVnano technology and how to upgrade your current air-conditioner, visit LG’s official website.

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