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Ever since the play-to-earn and metaverse craze started, a lot of companies have ventured into kick starting new projects to make a mark in the industry. Play-to-earn platforms and games started to sprout like mushrooms, but only a few managed to be “different” and “fun”.

Arc8 by GAMEE

GAMEE’s definition of being “different” and “fun” in the blockchain gaming space is Arc8. As the developer of the project, they envision Arc8 as a gamified launchpad for mobile gamers – casual or competitive. In fact, Arc8 is entering Season 3 with a new game to be added.

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GAMEE and GAMEE Token (GMEE) are among blockchain projects of Animoca Brands, the parent company of GAMEE. It is an ERC-20 utility token that is meant to be used as the currency to buy, use, and reward in supported P2E games on the GAMEE gamified mobile app, Arc8.

What’s Arc8?

Arc8 is a casual gaming application that will allow users to earn GMEE tokens by using their skills to play various types of “arcade” games. Think of it like an arcade house that gives you “tokens” each time you participate and play games like “Asteroids”, “Pirate Solitaire” and “ManCity Striker”.

Download Arc8 via this link.

Arc8 has features to grow your tokens faster!

GAMEE is making sure that you can stack up your GMEE tokens by including features aside from playing games.

As the method of rewarding players from participating in games and seasonal leaderboards, gamers can earn GAMEE Token on Arc8. 

In order to keep you busy every day, Arc8 gives you “Daily Streaks”, which gives you credits and GMEE tokens in the process. The more you play games on Arc8, the more rewards you receive.

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You can also earn from each successful invitation to sign up for a GAMEE account.

What are the games that you can play in Arc8?

You’ll be surprised to know that for an arcade-inspired casual P2E mobile gaming app, it hosts quite a lot of games. In fact, GAMEE even partnered with Atari in one of the games, Asteroids. As casual as it may be, Asteroids on Arc8 is just as thrilling as the original game, but with better graphics.

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Another game that I enjoy playing is “Pirate Solitaire”, which is heavily inspired from Solitaire. The deck is yours to try to best your opponent by getting a higher score. There’s also a more simplified version of Solitaire in Arc8, which is Solitaire Star.

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Another game that they just recently released on Arc8 is ManCity Striker, which is a football-themed game in partnership with Manchester City FC. The goal of the game is pretty simple: hit the designated targets per round and best your opponent’s score.

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There is so much fun to be had, and the skill required varies and sometimes scales depending on the game you play. Pirate Solitaire and Asteroids are two among the games that I feel are very newbie friendly. Pixel Dungeon and ManCity Striker require a high level of skill and timing, but definitely fun and rewarding to play.

So, you see, these are just some of the games you can play in Arc8. Each game you win grants you GMEE Tokens, which you can withdraw from your in-game wallet to your respective wallet that supports Polygon Network.

Season 3 is coming with a new game!

Arc8 is becoming a gamified launchpad! This means that it will have more big brand games available in the app, making it like an “arcadeverse” for mobile devices. We got a taste of this with GAMEE’s partnership with Manchester City FC. I was informed by GAMEE that more partnership games will be announced in the future. 

Atari (Asteroids) and Manchester City FC (ManCity Striker) are just among the brands they worked with to make amazing games in Arc8. Arc8 also started hosting tournaments with Partner Tokens like $TOWER, QUICK and REVV.

At the start of the pre-season of Season 3, which is 7 days from the start of the next season, GAMEE is going to launch a new basketball-inspired game called Hoop Shot. This will further expand the roster of games that you can play in Arc8.

Arc8 is an interesting arcade-inspired play-to-earn mobile game. They said that the best thing in life is for free; Arc8 definitely fits the bill. Apologies, but I believe I have to stop here. I need to grind to get 100 points to upgrade my rank from Silver to Gold on Asteroids.

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