LG QNED TV Brings A New Era of Color Quality where Quantum Dot Meets Nanocell Technology


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LG introduced a new era of TVs with the LG QNED TV. This innovative technology is a combination of LG’s Quantum Dot and Nanocell technology.

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The QNED mini LED starts the new era for LCD TVs combining Quantum Dot and Nanocell technologies in an innovative display that delivers an incredibly high-quality picture with deeper blacks and more vibrant colors. Furthermore, the mini LEDs are way smaller than the backlights found on other conventional LCD displays. 


The mini LEDs however made it possible for the LG to pack more LEDs and more dimming zones into the screen which results in a higher peak brightness, deeper blacks, and a level of precision and detail that cannot be compared to other conventional TVs.

Other features of the LG QNED mini LED TVs include:

  • Approx. 30,000 Mini LEDs
  • 2,500 unique dimming zones
  • Certified by Intertek
  • Consistency of color and lightness was measured to angles of  ±30° with 100% Color Consistency

For more information regarding the LG QNED Mini LED TV, visit LG PH’s website, and to purchase LG TVs visit LG PH’s Lazada and Shopee Flagship stores.

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