Intel Launches ARC A-Series Graphics For Laptops – What You Need To Know


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Intel ARC A-series Family

Intel initially confirmed its Intel Arc graphics card, codenamed Alchemist last year and was set to release sometime during Q1 2022. Earlier today which is the last day of Q1 2022, Intel formally announced the first Intel ARC series GPUs set to compete against Nvidia and AMD graphics cards. The announcement focuses on Intel Arc A-series graphics cards, Intel’s mobile GPU solution for laptops.

INtel Arc A series Graphics Cards

Intel’s ARC A-series mobile graphics are classified into subclasses similar to their Intel Core series lineup. Intel Arc 3 graphics card offer enhanced gaming and content creation with the Intel ARC A350M and A370 mobile graphics. The Intel ARC 3 graphics will have the ACM-G11 chip which is expected to be available shortly

Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 graphics cards on the other hand are primed for mid to high-end machines and will use the ACM-G10 chip. Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 graphics will be available in early summer 2022.

Intel Xe High-Performance Graphics Architecture

Intel ARC series graphics cards are built on Intel’s Xe High-performance Graphiccsc microarchitecture aka Xe HPG. The Xe HPG comes with Intel exclusive technologies as well as similar technologies found by its competitors like Nvidia and AMD.

  • Intel Xe Matrix Extensions(XMX) AI engines – are used to provide more compute capability for accelerating workloads. The AI engine implementation allows for 16 times more performance compared to traditional GPU vector units
  • Xe Super Sampling( XeSS) – is Intel’s answer to Nvidia’s DLSS and AMD’s FidelityFX Super Resolution. Like DLSS, XeSS uses AI deep learning to perform upscaling which Intel claims is close to native high-res rendering
  • Full AV1 Hardware Acceleration – Intel Arc A-Series GPUs are the first set of GPUs in the industry to offer full AV1 hardware acceleration including both encoding and decoding. Intel has worked with numerous brands to ensure that AV1 support is available alongside the launch of ARC A-series GPUs
  • Intel Deep Link technologies – Enables Intel Arc GPUs to work seamlessly with Intel CPUs and its integrated graphics for improved performance in gaming and productivity via Open Source APIs. Intel CPUs paired with Intel ARC Graphics can take advantage of increased performance by utilizing features exclusive to the combination such as Hyper Encode and Hyper Compute.

Intel Xe Graphics Roadmap

Intel Xe Graphics Intel ARC GPU

Intel is on track with its Initial roadmap following the release of the Intel Arc series graphics cards under the Intel Xe HPG architecture. ARC 3 series laptops are now available while Intel Arc 5 and Arc 7 will arrive on store shelves this Summer 2022. Intel also teased its ARC GPU for desktops which you can read more about here.

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