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Introducing, the Dizo Buds Z!

Dizo Buds Z Review

DIZO, the first brand under the realme TechLife ecosystem, has unveiled its latest TWS earbuds – DIZO Buds Z. The DIZO Buds Z is a midrange wireless set of earbuds with a 3.7 gram lightweight design, 88 ms Super Low Latency, and a charging period of around 16 hours. In this latest quick bytes, I am going to quickly dive into the Buds Z. As usual, as this is a our more brief reviews in the website, you’ll have more direct recommendation at the end of our article.

Build and setup

Like realme TWS, the DIZO Buds Z are inexpensive midrange wireless earbuds. The DIZO Buds Z design appears to be lightweight, small, and has a matte. The bottom part of the case contains a USB Type-C charging port and a DIZO branding with an LED indicator. The design is premium minimalist for my taste, and I feel that this will be a big hit to those who value simplicity. The touch panels have this color-changing feature, which reacts to light that bounces to it.

Dizo Buds Z Review

Unlike other TWS, the Dizo Buds Z does not have a pairing button. While it may seem to be dependent on software pairing due to lack of physical pairing button, all the phones I tested easily paired with the earphone. All you need to do is just to just flip the cover, and it’ll automatically enter into pairing mode. realme Link app on iOS does not have Dizo Buds Z on the list so you will have to manually pair it. Using a realme or Android smartphone is easier as you’ll just have to use the realme Link to pair and control the TWS. Regardless, it was not a painstaking process so I am assuring you that you’ll be able to start listening to your favorite music in less than 2 minutes.

The earphones are gorgeous, and the outer shell is a riot of color. The tips make them comfortable to wear, and panel of each bud offers touch controls for controlling music, calls, and switching modes. Speaking of touch controls, here’s a full guide of how to use it:

Dizo Buds Z Review
  • Touch twice: play/pause music; answer/hang up;
  • Touch three times: next song;
  • Press and hold for 2 seconds: reject incoming call;
  • Press and hold both left and right earbuds for 2 seconds: enter/exit Game Mode;
  • Press and hold both left and right earbuds for 10 seconds (while not on call): factory reset/pairing

The lack of controlling the volume via the TWS may post an issue for some especially to those who wish to remain untethered from their smartphone while, for instance, working out or in a middle of an audio conference.

Advantage of using the realme Link app

Dizo Buds Z Review

Using the realme Link app is a much better experience, in my opinion. Two reasons: you have easier pairing method, and you have full control over the features with simple touch of software buttons. Through the application, you’ll be able to enjoy full features like Sound Effects that range from Bass Boost+ to Bright, and Voume Enhancer. While you can manually switch Game Mode on via the TWS’ touch controls, you can also do it via the realme link app on Android. Game Mode lessens audio latency at the little expense of quality.

Sound Isolation

There is minimal sound isolation, thanks to the pre-installed rubber tips. You can, however, try to switch/change this to your preferred memory foam tip if you so desire. You have to take note though that the rubber tips I’m using on my Apple AirPods Pro do not fit on the Buds Z.

Dizo Buds Z Review

There is zero hardware noise cancellation. So if you want to be able to have this kind of feature, you may want to buy something else or wait until realme or Dizo starts selling the Dizo Buds Z Pro here in the Philippines.

It does, however, has ENC for calls, which uses an algorithm to ensure that people can you still hear you on a call even when you are in a noisy environment.

Microphone test

I manage to record two audios here using the microphone of a realme XT (one of realme’s phones with the best microphone) and the Buds Z. Honestly, if this translates to actual call audio quality, I would say that quality of the microphone is decent but not good enough for my standards. It can definitely be used as a means for communications, but not for content creation.

Dizo Buds Z Sample Audio Recording
realme XT Sample Audio Recording

Sound Quality

If there’s anything that really stands out with this TWS is sound quality. It has a balanced sound stage, but it gives you to boost the bass without ruining the listening experience. Bass is punchy and solid, which really helps unearth certain audio details when listening to music or watching videos on YouTube or Netflix.

Dizo Buds Z Review

While you don’t get all the frequency needed to appreciate high definition audios, it does the great job of delivering impressive quality.

Battery Life

This is another impressive feature of the Dizo Buds Z. A 10 minute charge, as I verified, can really give 1.5 hours of listening experience. At full charge, you get about 4.5 hours when using both buds. Of course, marketers will market this to have 16 hours, and that’s because of the combine battery life of the charging case and the 4.5 hours capacity of each bud. Nevertheless, this is really outstanding and may be one of its winning traits.

Dizo Buds Z Review

Should you buy it or not?

Go! Buy it for two reasons: (1) You get a good value for the money you’re going to pay for it because of impressive sound quality; and, (2) the battery life downright excellent.

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