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Huawei launched the Super Device concept for Smart Office on Mobile World Congress 2022. The concept is a new solution that enhances cross-device connectivity among the supported Huawei devices in five major scenarios – Health and Fitness, Easy Travel, Smart Office, Entertainment, and Smart Home.

The software-driven feature is in line with the company’s push towards a Seamless AI Life. As one of the key scenarios of the company’s Seamless AI Life, it brings the vision of Boundless Creation and Seamless Communication to the Smart Office. The aim is to enable efficient work by synergyzing two core capabilities: Cross-Device Collaboration and Ecosystem Integration.

Cross-device collaboration enables users to connect multiple devices together into a single experience. Meanwhile, ecosystem integration bridges the gap between Windows and mobile devices.

In the Philippine market, the Huawei will bringn several new devices with Super Device in April. Among these include the Huawei MateBook series, the new Huawei MatePad, and a printer.

Huawei Super Device collaboration feature

Super Device: Come Together as One

The Super Device is available on Huawei PCs via the Super Device’s drag-to-connect interface in the Control Centre. This enables easy and quick access to the photos, videos, and other files on your phone and quick smart screen connectivity for presentations.

In addition, the Huawei PCs feature Pop-Up Pairing that swiftly connects the company’s wireless earbuds, speakers, Bluetooth mouse and keyboard, and printer.

Collaborating with Huawei smartphones: Super Multi-tasking

Once connected, smartphone will be available as an external drive for the PC. As a Super Device, the smartphone’s interface will also be displayed on the PC’s display. Additionally, up to three mobile apps can be opened on the PC with Multi-Screen Collaboration.

You can also drag and drop files directly to the PC as well as edit files on a MateBook.

Collaborating with the Huawei MatePad: Super Co-creation

Like the smartphone, the MatePads are recognised as an external drive in the PC upon connection. You get to enjoy the same features like dragging and dropping files as well as editing.

The PC + Tablet Super Device supports three connection modes – Mirror Mode, Extend Mode, and Collaborate Mode.

Mirror Mode replicates the display of the PC on the tablet so you can edit things on the tablet with the M-Pencil. Extend Mode, meanwhile, uses the tablet as a secondary monitor meaning you can show something different on it. Lastly, Collaborate Mode which allows you to access the files from your tablet directly from the PC.

Collaborating with Huawei MateView: Super Productivity

With the MateView monitor, you can get a larger display with support for 4K+ resolution. Additionally, you can utilize the P3 cinema-level color gamut for better color accuracy.

Collaborate with Huawei Vision: Super Presentation

The Super Device allows you to enjoy Mirror Mode and Extend Mode projections with the Vision Monitor. This allows you to go beyond the laptop’s screen size for higher productivity or to enjoy videos. With Extend Mode, you can take meeting notes while still hosting a conference call with the extended screen.

This is just the beginning

Among the current devices that are available in the Philippines that feature basic Super Device capabilities include:

  • P50 Pro
  • MateBook 14s
  • MatePad Pro
  • MatePad 11
  • Vision monitor
  • Watch GT 3

Super Device will extend to previous models of Huawei PCs as long as you keep the Huawei PC Manager updated. The MateBook series launched in the Phililppine market will receive the new feature via a system upgrade in March 2022.

The new feature brings you to the next level of technological experience, productivity, and enjoyment as part of the company’s push for a Seamless AI Life. The company plans to continue to add support for more devices.

To keep yourself updated, visit the official Huawei Philippines Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.

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