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The DeLorean Motor Company took to social media to tease the return of the DeLorean. The vehicle was made popular by the Back to the Future series wherein it was turned into the iconic time machine.

The video teaser included a sneak peek into the design of the car with the iconic gullwing doors opening. Meanwhile, a play on lights highlights some of the front design, which looks to have a new design altogether.

DeLorean EVolved teased

The teaser included multiple hashtags including #DeloreanEVolved, #ElectricVehicle, and #Luxury. The first and second hashtags seem to point at the same thing, the new model will have an electric motor. It’s hard to tell if the first hashtag will be the name of the electric model or merely the project name but the capitalized EV definitely refers to it being an electric vehicle.

There were only 9,000 units of the original DeLorean built before the British government placed the manufacturer under receivership in 1982. An investor from Humble, Texas has now taken over the company.

If you’re interested, you can “sign up to the future” here.


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