Samsung Display Showcases Four New Foldable Displays at CES 2022


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Samsung has just featured four of its new prototype foldable devices at CES 2022, namely the Flex G, Flex S, Flex Slidable, and Flex Note.

These were exhibited by the Samsung Display division and not the Samsung Galaxy division. Meaning, these could be produced for devices made by other companies rather than solely part of a Galaxy device.

The Flex G and Flex S are prototypes that fold into thirds instead of the typical half. As their names suggest, they fold into G and S shapes with the former offering a more durable design with the display folding inwards and the exterior protecting the display. Whereas the latter has the foldable display exposed in one point with the S-fold.

What was unique though was that these were showcased in different sizes.

Meanwhile, the Flex Slidable, is the sneak peek into the company’s own rollable display. The prototypes reveal to have a manual slide function though.

Samsung Display - Flex Note CES 2022

Lastly, the Flex Note is a laptop with a foldable display. The company also showcased an AI speaker with a flexible OLED screen but it is uncertain if it will ever make it to the market.

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