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Ever since I bought my Xbox Series X three months ago, I was looking for the best possible way to enjoy the current and upcoming games that will allow me to further maximize and enjoy the console. The Xbox Series X is, by far, the best console at the moment that offers quite a number of games that support 120hz. However, none of these games’ high frame rate features will matter if you don’t have a monitor that fully supports it.

I am a huge fan of Game Pass. I am excited to play the upcoming Day One games that Microsoft will bring to Game Pass, especially the ones with “Optimized for Xbox X|S” badge. While this is the case for games, it is quite a challenge to find a monitor or TV with optimized compatibility with current-gen Xboxes. Today, we are taking a look at one of the offerings by Philips that definitely piqued our attention – the Philips 5591 M1 Momentum monitor.


The Philips 559 M1 Momentum is unlike other monitors you have seen in the market. Apart from its towering design, thanks to its 55-inch display and mounted Bowers and Wilkins Soundbar, it appears very well built and sturdy. You cannot swivel it from its mount, but it can be tilted from -5 to 10 degrees.

Philips 559 M1 Momentum Review 5

It is fairly hefty too at 29.50 kg, and you occupy a significant amount of space compared to other 55-inch monitors in the market. For your reference, whether you are going to place this on top of your table or a TV rack, the monitor is 1232 x 834 x 308mm or 48.50 x 32.83 x 12.12 inches. As you can see in the photo below, I never had trouble placing it on top of our Flexispot Standing Desk E3R with 1400x700mm tabletop.

Philips 559 M1 Momentum Review 27

The upper, left and right bezels are very slim, but the lower bezel is more pronounced probably to give way for internal chips and other parts. Very evident on the monitor is the Bowers & Wilkins brand and “Designed for Xbox” sticker beside it. Philips is very proud of this because it is indeed designed particularly for the current Xbox consoles, which I’ll expound on in a little bit.

The Bowers & Wilkins soundbar is neatly mounted on the monitor stand and only moves as you tilt the monitor. The quality of the mesh of the speaker is very high and the overall build is impressive too.

While the monitor has a single nipple controller at the back of the monitor, Philips also included an IR control, which can bring a lot of convenience to a lot of users. The remote gives users full access to all the options found in its OSD.

One of the features that the Philips 559 M1 Momentum has is Ambiglow. For a company that is also known of its RGB Ambiglow technology, having this integrated on the monitor gives it more value for consumers. The Ambiglow technology can respond to various settings from following the colors of the video being projected on the panels or audio that’s coming out from its Bowers and Wilkins soundbar. Simply place the monitor adjacent to a wall, and you’ll see the full effect (and magic) of Ambiglow, which you cannot just simply replicate from cheap RGB strips stickered behind TVs.

I/O: HDMI 2.1 Galore

What sets the Philips 559 M1 apart from other monitors in the market is its set of I/O ports. What you get are the following:

ConnectivitySignal InputHDMI 2.1 x 3, DP 1.4 x 1, USB-C x 1 (DP Alt mode, PD 65W)
USB:USB-B x 1 (upstream), USB 3.2 x 4 (downstream with 2 fast charge B.C 1.2)
Sync InputSeparate Sync
Audio (In/Out)Audio out
EasyLink (HDMI-CEC)Remote control pass-through
System audio control
System standby

Yes, you do not just get one HDMI 2.1 port, but three. This means that apart from the Xbox Series S and/or X that you’ve got, you have another port for either a PC, Sony PlayStation 5, or other consoles. The monitor also has DisplayPort 1.4 and USB-C (that may also be used to project videos) or charge laptops or devices that support Power Delivery 65W.

Why does HDMI 2.1 matter?

The new generation of consoles requires this latest HDMI interface to allow output up to 4K 120Hz. The Philips 559 M1 Momentum can easily handle this as it is designed for current-gen gaming, more particularly with Xbox Series S and X. This also matters especially to games that further enhances the gaming experience when playing a higher refresh rate. From racing games to action genres, some games are best played at 120fps, which only monitors/TVs with HDMI 2.1 can handle. Unlike TV with artificial smoothening features like the Huawei Vision S, the 559 M1 natively outputs 120fps thanks to its native refresh rate and maximum resolution.

As you can see in the image below, my Xbox Series X benchmarked the 559 M1 as a monitor that supports 4K UHD at 60hz and 4K UHD at 120Hz. In order to fully enjoy this, however, it is best to use the included Ultra High-Speed HDMI cable in the box of Xbox Series X.

Philips 559 M1 review 4.14.1

Desktop computers with either RTX 30 series or AMD Radeon RX 6000 series GPUs will also natively support the new HDMI interface. This means that while this monitor is designed for the Xbox for the optimal gaming experience, you’ll be happy to know that you’ll be able to enjoy your PC games on this monitor up to 4K/144fps.

Perfect for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate Members

Philips 559 M1 Momentum Review 8

The Philips 559 M1 Momentum, because of its compatibility with current-gen and PC, makes it the perfect monitor for Xbox Game Pass Ultimate members. This means that you can get to enjoy playing Series X/S-optimized games on PC and your Xbox Series X without having to buy separate games per platform.

Display Analysis

The monitor is pre-calibrated with the following specifications: DCI-P3 Coverage of 95% and NSTC 104%, sRGB 125%. It sports a VA LCD panel with W-LED system backlight type.

We validated these claims using our Spyder X too and got the following reports.

Benchmark Color Gamut 559 M1

Based on our display benchmark, the Philips 559 M1 gets DCI-P3 Coverage of 93% and NTSC of 83%, which a lower than their claims. sRGB is rated at 100%, which is off by 25% versus its advertised claims.

Tone Response

Tone response was a little off as well by a few points, but should be something to be very concerned about for gamers but not for people who are doing creative work.

Brightness and Contrast

Benchmark Brightness 559 M1

The 559 M1 has a peak level brightness of 77, and max contrast level of 3,950, which is just a tad lower than their claims. Brightnless level difference escalates until it works its way up to 100%. This isn’t technically a bad thing because this just means that it uses a higher amount of power as you increase the level of brightness.

Bowers and Wilkins: Excellent Audio Experience

One of the best things about the 559 M1 is the inclusion of Bowers and Wilkins Sound Bar. It is loud and does not even distort the sound output even at high volume settings. It projects excellent audio quality that can go at par with other premium sound bars in the market. There is balanced amount of bass and treble, and are distributed perfectly to its tweeters, mid-high speakers and woofer to simulate an almost-3D audio experience.

Philips 559 M1 Momentum Review 12

While you may decide to not buy an extra speaker for this one, you can further expand its audio via Audio Out. Philips included an audio out that can be found at the I/O section behind the monitor.

Gameplay Experience

For gameplay, we worked with our sister website, One More Game, to detail our experience. Check out the full video below for your reference:


For its price of PhP70,490, the Philips 559 M1 promises a mixed bag of color and tone performance but satisfying high frame rate gaming experience on current-gen consoles especially Xbox Series X. The included Bowers and Wilkins sound bar is a golden inclusion, which brings a lot of savings for gamers and even movie enthusiasts. Lastly, the integrated Ambiglow technology further adds to the immersive experience when playing games.

Philips 559 M1 Momentum Specifications

Picture/DisplayLCD panel typeVA LCD
Backlight typeW-LED system
Panel Size55 inch / 139.7 cm
Color gamut (min.)DCI-P3 Coverage: 95%*
Color gamut (typical)NTSC 104%*, sRGB 125%*
HDRDisplayHDR 1000 certified
Effective viewing area1209.6 (H) x 680.4 (V) mm
Aspect ratio16:09
Maximum resolutionHDMI / DP: 3840 x 2160 @ 144 Hz*; USB-C: 3840 x 2160 @ 120 Hz
Pixel Density80 PPI
Response time (typical)4 ms (Gray to Gray)
Low Input LagYes
BrightnessNormal Mode: 750 cd/m2; HDR Mode: 1200  cd/m²
SmartContrastMega Infinity DCR
Contrast ratio (typical)4000:01:00
Pixel pitch0.315 x 0.315 mm
Viewing angle178º (H) / 178º (V)
@ C/R > 10
Picture enhancementSmartImage game
Display colorsColor support 1.07 billion colors
Scanning FrequencyHDMI: 30 – 135 kHz (H) / 48 – 144 Hz (V); DP: 30 – 254 kHz (H) / 48 – 144 Hz (V); USB C: 30 – 254 kHz (H) / 48 – 120 Hz (V)
SmartUniformity95 ~ 103%
Delta E< 2 (sRGB)
LowBlue ModeYes
Adaptive syncYes
HDMI 2.1 FeatureVRR
ConnectivitySignal InputHDMI 2.1 x 3, DP 1.4 x 1, USB-C x 1 (DP Alt mode, PD 65W)
USB:USB-B x 1 (upstream), USB 3.2 x 4 (downstream with 2 fast charge B.C 1.2)
Sync InputSeparate Sync
Audio (In/Out)Audio out
EasyLink (HDMI-CEC)Remote control pass-through
System audio control
System standby
ConvenienceMultiViewPBP (2x devices)
User conveniencePower On/Off
Sound Mode/Down
SmartImage game/Back
OSD LanguagesBrazil Portuguese
Simplified Chinese
Traditional Chinese
Other convenienceKensington lock
VESA mount (200x200mm)
Plug & Play CompatibilityDDC/CI
Mac OS X
Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7
SoundOutput Power40 W (RMS), 2.1 Channel, Sound by Bowers & Wilkins
Sound EnhancementDTS Sound
Speaker Configuration2 x tweeters, 10 W x 2 mid-high speakers, 20 W x 1 woofer
StandTilt-5/10  degree
PowerOn mode95.3 W (typ.)
Standby mode0.5 W (typ.)
Off mode0.3 W (typ.)
Power LED indicatorOperation – N.A.
Off – Red
Standby – Red (breathing)
Power supplyInternal
100-240VAC, 50-60Hz
DimensionsProduct with stand(max height)1232 x 834 x 308  mm
Product without stand (mm)1232 x 715 x 102  mm
Packaging in mm (WxHxD)1390 x 990 x 376  mm
WeightProduct with stand (kg)29.50  kg
Product without stand (kg)25.70  kg
Product with packaging (kg)38.18  kg
Operating conditionsTemperature range (operation)0°C to 40°C  °C
Temperature range (storage)-20°C to 60°C  °C
Relative humidity20%-80  %
AltitudeOperation: +12,000ft (3,658m), Non-operation: +40,000ft (12,192m)
MTBF50,000 (Excluded backlight)  hour(s)
SustainabilityEnvironmental and energyRoHS
 Mercury Free
Recyclable packaging material100  %
Compliance and standardsRegulatory ApprovalsCB
 CE Mark
FinishTextured / Glossy
What’s in the box?AccessoryRemote control

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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