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ShopeePay 1The transition to adulthood is never easy. There will be bumps along the way, regardless of how prepared you think you are. That said, it can be less overwhelming once you achieve adulting milestones step-by-step.

You have a steady job

While it’s natural to jump from one job to another, you begin to understand what you want to do until you retire as you go grow older. You begin to weigh in the pros and cons before accepting a job offer because you know your value. You’re also aware that there are other jobs out there that would better suit your skills and experience.

You manage your time wisely

A common misconception is that being busy equates to being productive. Many people try to multitask and then produce low-quality output or worse, get burned out. Adulthood is about accepting the fact that you can’t juggle multiple responsibilities all at once and that prioritization is the key to lessening the burden.

You prioritize your finances and ensure government papers

When you were younger, you were comfortable living from paycheck to paycheck. As you grow, you eventually become financially independent and only spend what you can afford. You keep track of your bills. You want to avoid the hassle of time-consuming queues, and so you pay for your utilities and reload your RFID stickers on time and online.

You also ensure that aside from updating government IDs such as your driver’s license and passport, your NBI clearance is up to date in case of employment.

For secure and worry-free transactions, you may use ShopeePay, Shopee’s official mobile wallet, to top-up your EasyTrip account and pay for your NBI clearance.


Until February 1, users can enjoy 10% cashback when they pay their postpaid bills and 20% cashback when they pay for their NBI clearance using ShopeePay.

For more information about bills payment, click here.

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