OPPO Announces Ace2 EVA Limited Edition with Custom Accessories


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The OPPO Ace 2 EVA Limited Edition has just been unveiled. This limited edition is more just than design and themes though. In addition to the Ace2, OPPO also announced EVA-themed 40W Air VOOC, OPPO Watch, and Enco W31.

This isn’t the first for the company to release an anime-related limited edition, let’s not forget the Gundam Edition of the Reno Ace.

Ace2 EVA Limited Edition - 2

Look at that box

Ace2 EVA Limited Edition - 1

Yes, the phone is kept safe in this.

Before we get to the phone itself, the box already screams Evangelion with the logo taking more space than the OPPO branding. Inside the box is a pill-shaped container for the phone itself.


EVO-01 anyone?

The OPPO Ace2 itself is dominantly purple with black and neon green accents that are very EVA-01. And as we’ve seen with other themed limited editions, it will come with pre-loaded wallpapers.

oppo-ace2-eva-limited-edition-3The charger and wired headset included with the phone all fit in with the EVA theme. What’s more unique with this is that the sim ejector is designed to look like the artifact, Spear of Longinus.


The most unique sim ejector I’ve ever seen!

If that wasn’t enough, you can round it out with an Asuka EVA Unit-02-inspired OPPO Watch and a Rei EVA Unit-00-inspired OPPO Enco W31. The latter is the company’s TWS earphone offering. Round out the custom accessories is the OPPO Air VOOC wireless charger.


Again, the EVA-01


Asuka is strong in this OPPO Watch design


OPPO Watch, its box, and the inclusions

oppo ace2 eva limited edition enco w31 price

Simple but very Rei

oppo ace2 eva limited edition 40w air vooc price

Add in a wireless charger

The OPPO Ace2 EVA Limited Edition will be limited to 10,000 units globally for CNY 4,400 starting June 1. The Watch will be available for CNY 2,200 with only 10,000 units available. The Enco W31 and Air VOOC will have even fewer units at 5,000 and will sell for CNY 400 and 300, respectively.https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VpjYhYCy5Fs

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