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PlayStation revealed that they will be doing a “deep dive” later for the PS5, which is scheduled to go live later at 12AM. What exactly the deep dive will entail, we won’t know until later, but the system architecture and shaping the “future of games” was specified in the announcement, leading us to believe that we will finally see the full specs of Sony’s latest offering and maybe a bit more.

We’re fully hoping there’s more than just the specs, because everyone and their mother has been literally thirsting for some semblance of news about the PS5, so the event that will be happening later will be a ray of good news despite these trying times.

What else can we look forward to during the PS5 presentation? Here are some of the things we’d like to see:



The rumored magic number. The Xbox Series X finally put all the talk to rest, boasting of 12 Teraflops of graphical processing power, twice as powerful as the Xbox One X.

Multiple outfits like Push Square have reported that the PS5 may indeed be more powerful than the Series X, possibly tipping the scales at 13.3 Teraflops.

The Xbox One X currently holds the distinction of being the most powerful console of this generation and Microsoft is well on their way to repeating that with the Series X, unless Sony has something to say about it.

While the rumored 13.3 number is still just a rumor, we expect Sony to be at least at par with the Series X, given their confidence to do a reveal just days after Microsoft spilled everything. Whether it is a smidge lower than 12 or 13.3, Sony knows full well that they cannot fully rely on their first party titles to carry the load, so it probably won’t be a surprise to see the PS5 stand toe to toe with the Series X in terms of hardware capabilities.


Backwards Compatibility Details

Let’s face it, we’ve amassed quite the library of games throughout the console generations and while we’re more than willing to double or even triple dip, money isn’t necessarily easy to come by these days.

Xbox has made a commitment to making the Series X backward compatible throughout their previous library, even going as far as to upgrade their older titles to be Xbox One X Enhanced, providing performance and visual updates.

The PS5 should be Sony’s turn to present its users with backwards compatibility options. They’ve taken quite the hard stance on this previously, but the PS5 should have this from day one, no questions asked.

We expect the PS5 to be AT LEAST backwards compatible with the PS4, whether it be through physical or digital means. To push the envelope further, a PS1 until PS3 compatibility would be the dream, even if it were just via a digital library. Having full compatibility with the PS4 would be enough for most players, but to have it across all generations? Perfection.


Case and DualShock 5 Reveal

Microsoft has already revealed what the Series X would look like, drawing a lot of mixed but mostly positive reactions from everyone. We’ve also seen the Series X compared to a banana, for scale.

What we haven’t seen yet? An official PS5 design. There are numerous design concepts out there, but none that is official.

While the reveal should concentrate more on the system architecture as explicitly mentioned, a design reveal would be lovely. The logo has already been revealed as well as the name, we’ll want to see how it looks like next. Will it be a hulking machine or a sleek system? We’ll hope to find out later.

Oh, and it really wouldn’t hurt to see what the new controller looks like, seeing as the Xbox has already revealed their new design.


Tech Demo

The Series X is putting their Quick Resume and Loading Time features at the forefront of their marketing push, promising to get gamers playing as soon as possible, minimizing wait times in between.

If the previous hardware leaks are true, then the PS5 should be as capable as the Series X in terms of power to handle features like this, the question is will the PS5 support it?

Sony has highlighted that the PS5 will drastically reduce loading times due to the SSD that the new system will be packing with a demo comparing it to the PS4 Pro while loading Spider-Man.

What else can the PS5 boast of? Will it have quick resume as well? What other features will the PS5 hold that will make it a clear choice for potential buyers come holiday 2020? We’re hoping for a tech demo later during the presentation that will give us a quick glimpse of what the PS5 has in store for us.


1 Next gen first party title (wishful thinking)

When the Series X was first announced, it featured just how powerful the next generation can get with a game trailer of Hellblade 2, their newly acquired IP from Ninja Theory.

Wouldn’t it be great if we get to see even just a glimpse of a first party offering during the show? Maybe the next Legend of Dragoon, which Shuhei Yoshida jokingly commented on during our interview with him last year? Journey 2? Knack 2? Horizon Zero Dawn 2, especially with Hermen Hulst at the helm? The possibilities are endless, but we might be over our heads already.

We’d love to see a reveal, but we’re also tempering our expectations a bit and even if it is disappointing to admit, we should be content with a spec reveal. Then again, who knows?


We’d love to talk about the PS5 even further but the show later is probably not a full on reveal so managing your expectations should be the safest play to avoid disappointment. As it stands, literally ANY news about the PS5 is much welcome, so we should be happy with whatever is announced later. It’s not wrong to hope for more though, is it?

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