Rumors indicate that 2 Silent Hill projects are headed for the PS5, including the previously cancelled Silent Hills


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Rumors are rumors. Sometimes we love ’em, sometimes we don’t, but here is a juicy one that we are hoping to be true.

On the gamer forum resetera, Rely on Horror has spilled quite the detailed speculation on upcoming titles by Sony and the PS5 and it would be none other than a couple of Silent Hill projects, specifically the soft reboot of the Silent Hill series that includes members from the Project Siren team and the second one would be Silent Hills, the cancelled title from Kojima.

Excerpt is lifted as follows:

Our first source, who we’ve come to trust well, indicates that Keiichiro Toyama (director and writer of the original 1999 Silent Hill) and Akira Yamaoka (composer for the majority of the franchise) are also returning alongside Masahiro Ito. The trio will helm a “soft reboot” of the Silent Hill series, possibly just called Silent Hill. SIE Japan Studio, which possibly includes team members from “Project Siren,” the group behind Siren: Blood Curse for the PlayStation 3, will be behind its development in some capacity (either in full or in part). Our source states that this title has been in the works for about a year. Our second source — which has no connection to the first — was aware of Ito’s involvement in a new Silent Hill title and informed us of that information some time ago.

The second Silent Hill title referenced in previous rumors is still being worked out at the moment, but it’s looking as if it very well could be Silent Hills, Hideo Kojima’s famously canceled title. According to our first source, Sony is working to patch up the relationship between Kojima Productions and Konami in order to resurrect the game due to the amount of buzz and continued demand for it five years after its cancellation; our second source shared this same information with us in the past. We can now report on it with some confidence in its legitimacy.

While we all know the adage of a rumor staying a rumor until it’s officially confirmed, it’s hard not to believe it in the least because Rely on Horror and Aesthetic Gamer, have pretty good track records for spilling the beans.

Still, it’s not hard to get excited over these things, since it features a very beloved franchise in Silent Hill, one that many fans would be glad to see make the leap into the current or next generation consoles. We’re crossing our fingers for some good (and official) news as the weeks go by but at the same time not get our hope too high up because we wouldn’t want a Silent Hill Pachinko now, would we?

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