Final Fantasy 7 Remake Demo holds a “Secret Ending”, here’s how to get it


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So the Final Fantasy 7 Remake just dropped a couple of days ago much to the surprise of everyone and if you have not played it yet, all we can really say is… Play it! now!

We’ve gotten to play it already and have our impressions on it which are mostly positive. It’s a great direction for the game and we can’t wait for the eventual release coming in about a month.

One thing you should know about the demo is that a “Secret Ending” can be accessed depending on your choice in the game, giving you an additional scene that is sure to bring the hype levels up further.

So how exactly do you access it? Simple! All you have to do is choose “20 Minutes” when given a choice during the latter part of the Bombing Run mission right before the Guard Scorpion boss.

Now we’re not one to directly spoil things for you but if you don’t want to run through the whole demo again, you can simply check this video out.


Pretty hype, huh? We know you want to preserve the whole experience come April 10 but we highly encourage you to download the demo as you’ll gain access to a sweet looking theme for free!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake is scheduled to release on April 10 as a PS4 timed exclusive. Pre-orders are ongoing on your nearest retailers like Datablitz and Game One PH but you’ll need to prepare heavily for it as the game will reportedly require more than 100GB of space!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake will reportedly take up at least 100GB of storage

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