Resident Evil 3 new gameplay details revealed, featuring perfect dodges and a flying Nemesis


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Ok, so maybe flying was not really the correct term. More like… leaping? In any case, a ton of new gameplay details have been revealed as multiple outfits have been treated to a sneak peek of the upcoming survival horror classic, Resident Evil 3.

You can check out a video posted by a Japanese based Youtube channel below:


Apart from that amazing gameplay video, the PlayStation Blog has further detailed a lot of the mechanics that were experienced during their time with the game:

  • Apart from looking like a current generation game, Raccoon City has been reimagined as well, placing in larger areas to move around in and more places to explore like an expanded subway station and a new sewer section.
  • Jill sports a new evade mechanic, triggered by pressing R1 + Left analog stick.

  • In case Jill is caught by a Zombie, she can also perform a Perfect Dodge by timing a button press which when done correctly, will give you a chance to counter attack the enemy.
  • Similar to the unbreakable combat knife as you shoot down all Mr. Raccoon statues in Resident Evil 2, Jill’s knife here is unbreakable as well! But take note, you can’t use it to counter attack a Zombie like you did in RE2.
  • Ammo crafting is back!
  • There are environmental traps to help you out when you’re in a pinch. Try looking out for red barrels and the like to give you an advantage.

  • As if Mr. X from RE2 wasn’t enough, Tyrant is basically a meaner and upgraded version! With various moves and weapons in his arsenal, Tyrant is sure to give you a tougher time.
  • A new enemy called the Hunter Gamma will be something too look out for as well while exploring the sewers.

Resident Evil 3 is looking to be an instant hit and like RE2 before it, a possible Game of the Year contender already. We’re hoping no delays for this one, as Resident Evil 3 is scheduled to release on April 3, 2020.

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