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I have a YEELIGHT product at home. Specifically, their RGB lightbulb that can be controlled remotely using a dedicated app. It’s been my go to light source when I don’t need a lot of hard lighting (and when I need to save up on electricity).

Today, we’re taking a look at a multi-purpose product from the brand. This product from the same brand works as both a wireless charger, and a charging dock for a small night light that you can basically detach and place anywhere.

Multi-Purpose Design

Yeelight WC + NL (16)The design of this product is quite simple. A sheet of plastic which bares the YEELIGHT logo. 80% of the space is consumed by the wireless charging pad, while the rest is for the Night Light, which attaches via three charging pins.

Yeelight WC + NL (2)Power is sourced via a microUSB port, which is located on the side of the Night Light. You do get a short cable in the box, so no need to purchase one separately.

Yeelight WC + NL (7)The Night Light itself is just a tiny little bulb which can be switched on and off using a small button. Once ON, there’s no option to change the brightness, but you can change the color of the light from yellow-orange to white.

At Least Half of it Works as Intended

Well, having something to charge your phone while you’re using a Night Light is great. That is if you can get your phone to charge consistently.

Yeelight WC + NL (29)For some weird reason, whatever position I put my phone in, it just wouldn’t continuously charge wirelessly. It would charge for a few seconds, and then it won’t. It’s as if there’s an exact angle that you have to use. I tried every angle I could, but the results are the same.

If you somehow manage to get it working, the device supports 15W fast charging (9V 2A) and 5W normal charging (5V 2A).

Yeelight WC + NL (12)At least, the story is a complete 180 for the Night Light, which works brilliantly. Charging it to full doesn’t take too long, around an hour at most.

Yeelight WC + NL (14)By my experience, their claims of usage time are on point. It can deliver up to an amazing 24 hours of warm light (2700K), and up to 11 hours of cold white light (5000K). The light it gives off is soothing, relaxing, and not too bright to distract your sleep, but enough for you to walk around without bumping into anything.


You can try your luck with the wireless charging, but I wouldn’t really bet on it. The night light however, I’d buy it just for that. The feature to change the color temperature is good to have, and it doesn’t take a lot of space on your desk. Plus, it saves you a bit of money on electricity bills.

The 2-in-1 YEELIGHT Wireless Charger and Night Light is priced at PhP1,190 (originally at PhP1,690). It’s available at OMG Feel Good Gadgets Store,Digital Walker and Beyond the Box.

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