Poco X2 Set for February 4 Launch in India!


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Looks like we won’t have to wait long for Poco’s next smartphone, as the company recently confirmed its upcoming launch in India on February 4, 2020, along with some juice tibdits on its key features.

Poco X2 Refresh Rate

Photo: Poco India

The Poco X2 will feature a 120Hz display, which seems to be the upcoming trend for 2020. Now, it’ll be interesting to know if this is an always-on feature, or is it something that can be toggled on or off, or even perhaps automatically adjusted for more uptime.

Poco X2 Cooling

Photo: Poco India

The page also mentions “Run Cool. Run Forever,” which means the device may have some sort of liquid cooling system.

Poco X2 Processor

Photo: Poco India

As for which chipset it runs on, details point to a Snapdragon 765G.

Poco X2 Camera

Photo: Poco India

For optics, the device is rumored to sport a 64MP main camera, most likely part of a quad shooter setup.

Poco X2 Charging

Photo: Poco India

Lastly, there’s “Juiced Up. Ready to Go,” which most likely means it has fast-charging. As to which type, that’s the exciting bit.

In any case, launch is just a few days away, and things are getting more exciting!

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