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After years of anticipation for Spotify‘s promised lossless audio tier, leaked UI elements suggest that the project is progressing and potentially nearing release.

Spotify’s “Lossless” Option

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Spotify’s bitrate currently stands at 320kbps, but screenshots suggest it may increase to 1,411kbps. The leaked UI features a device compatibility checker and the potential for lossless streaming quality up to 2,117kbps. Some songs may support 24-bit/44.1kHz using FLAC audio format, though availability is limited.

The Platform’s UI elements now feature a compatibility checker for lossless audio, advising users to download lossless quality music for optimal offline listening. 

However, lossless playback is not yet operational, and the feature may be referred to as “enhanced listening” instead of HiFi. Screenshots, from Redditor OhItsTom, suggest Spotify is rebranding HiFi to “Lossless.”

Despite these developments, the audio streaming platform faces scrutiny for delays and unfulfilled promises over three years. 

While efforts have been made to reassure users about the impending release, competing services like Amazon Music, Apple Music, and Tidal have long offered high-resolution audio. The presence of these UI elements within the app signals progress, but many remain cautiously optimistic until the feature is officially launched.


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