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MSI has just announced its brand new AMD AM4 motherboards with X570 chipsets. These are the MEG X570 GODLIKE and the MEG X570 ACE.

msi meg x570 2
The MEG X570 GODLIKE is meant for hardcore gamers and enthusiast overclockers alike. Exclusive features of the GODLIKE include Dynamic Dashboard with OLED display for various hardware conditions and Killer network solutions like Killer xTend and the latest Killer Wi-Fi 6. It also includes Xtreme Audio DAC that brings a selection of premium audio hardware for a more immersive audio experience.

It also features the brand-new Frozr Heatsink design, extended heat-pipe, and Double side M.2 Shield Frozr. While Mystic Light Infinity II introduces new RGB lighting effects with infinity mirror reflection effects. The M.2 XPANDER-Z Gen4 card expands M.2 Gen4 SSDs and a 10G Super LAN Card provides extreme transfer speed.

While the MEG X570 ACE features the latest PCIe 4.0 standard for M.2 and PCIe expansion slots, the lightning Gen4 M.2 slots can support up to 64 GB/s bandwidth. The ACE gives a complete thermal solution to prevent any solution to cool down M.2 devices. Frozr Heatsink design also helps generate more airflow to avoid thermal throttling.

Following its partnership with MSI on the PS63 modern laptop, Discovery also launched ESPORTS: THE RISE OF THE NEW KING, a program that shines light on the thriving eSports ecosystem, and how gaming has evolved from pastime into top tier sports.

“Discovery is more than a channel. We are the world’s #1 IP content provider who has delved deep into vertical content in hopes of engaging the audience and powering their passions. With eSports surging in popularity, we have seen its potential and launched Discovery Games Studios to create games inspired by various TV shows from Discovery’s properties. We also recognized MSI’s vast potential in the meanwhile. With MSI gaming laptops’ high prevalence worldwide, there is no doubt MSI is one of the major forces behind the success of eSports.” 

– Tony Qiu, Discovery’s VP and GM for Greater China and Korea

“MSI’s unsparing devotion to eSports not merely captures worldwide attention, but also attracts world-renowned media Discovery to run this program. Through this detailed video, all audience will get in-depth understanding of the eSports ecosystem while realize MSI’s role as a mover and shaker who spares no effort to promote eSports through MSI’s highly acclaimed gaming hardware & software, stunning game immersion jointly designed by game developers, and global eSports sponsorships of teams and tournaments.”

– Charles Chiang, MSI CEO

To watch the full version of ESPORTS: THE RISE OF THE NEW KING, check out the local broadcast time.

Local broadcast time @ DiscoveryCountry
4th August (Sat)22:25Australia
10th August (Sat)22:50Southeast Asia [Singapore], Philippines
10th August (Sat)21:50Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia
Local broadcast time @ Discovery AsiaCountry
3rd August (Sat)21:50Southeast Asia [Singapore, Malaysia, Philippines]



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