OnePlus 7 Pro passes durability test – including scratch, bend, and flame test


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The OnePlus 7 Pro despite having been announced yesterday has already been put through a thorough durability test by Zack from the Youtube channel JerryRigEverything.

The Gorilla Glass display was the first to be tested and as expected scratches were visible at level 6 on the Mohs hardness scale. Even deeper grooves showed at level 7.

Like the display, the pop-up front camera is protected by glass too and won’t easily be scratched. Although, the area around it is plastic and prone to scratching. Not that getting scratches there will affect your photos though.

They also showed that the sides, SIM card tray, volume rocker, power button, and alert slider are all metal, not that it’s surprising but the test to prove this was uncomfortable to listen and watch.

The back of the phone, being Gorilla Glass 5, won’t scratch easily. While the OnePlus logo and wordmark are both under the glass, which prevents both from coming off over time.

The 7 Pro’s display took even more damage in the durability test as they put it an open flame via a lighter to it. It held up surprisingly well to the open flame and didn’t show dead pixels despite being exposed to it for about a minute.

The last two things put to the test were the in-display fingerprint sensor and the phone itself via a bend test. They used a level 7 Mohs pick to test the fingerprint sensor and still worked despite the deeper scratches, while the phone held up well against the bend test with no glass separation or kinks in the frame.

That’s one well-built phone!

Featured photo from JerryRigEverything

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