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Following the announcement of the third Gen Ryzen CPUs, ASUS has announced their motherboard offerings to support the new chipset at Computex 2019. The third Gen Ryzen CPUs pair Zen 2 architecture with next-gen PCI Express 4.0 connectivity to bring more bandwidth and performance.

The new AMD X570 motherboards from ASUS are grouped into four series, namely the ROG Crosshair VIII series, the ROG Strix Gaming series, the TUF Gaming X570 series, and the ASUS X570 series.

The ROG boards

asus amd x570 rog crosshair viii

Photo: ASUS

The ROG Crosshair VIII Formula leads the ROG Crosshair VIII series, armor-clad and liquid-ready. Along with it is the Crosshair VIII Hero for less extravagant builds. While the Crosshair VIII Impact caters to those that want high-performance in a Mini-DTX body.

asus amd x570 rog strix x570 e

Photo: ASUS

While the ROG Strix Gaming series retains the style, performance, and ability to overclock of the ROG Crosshair series without the bells and whistles. The ROG Strix Gaming series includes the two full ATX boards – the ROG Strix X570 E and the Strix X570-F Gaming – and a mini-ITX board – the Strix X570-I Gaming.


The TUF Gaming boards 

The TUF Gaming X570 series brings with it a distinct look and the reliability that one can expect from the more affordable TUF line. While they look like a simplified version of the Prime models, the TUF Gaming boards feature a digital VRM with Dr. MOS power stages and TUF chokes that ensures the new Ryzen chips get a good supply of power. While TUF capacitors are equipped wdith 20% higher heat tolerance keep the circuitry in line.  

asus amd x570 tuf gaming x570 plus

Photo: ASUS

The TUF Gaming X570 series features two boards, the TUF Gaming X570-PLUS and its Wi-Fi equipped twin, TUF Gaming X570–PLUS with Wi-Fi.

The ASUS boards

asus amd x570 pro ws x570 ace 1

Photo: ASUS

Lastly, the ASUS X570 series features three boards, the PRO ES X570-ACE, the Prime X570-PRO, and the PRIME X570-P. The PRO ES X570-ACE brings together the new CPU and its PCIe 4.0 connectivity to ECC RAM and management features without breaking the bank.

asus amd x570 pro prime x570 pro

Photo: ASUS

While the Prime X570-PRO, and the PRIME X570-P, brings the balance between functionality and aesthetics. It ticks all the boxes while also bringing a more universal appeal.


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