ASUS is working on a laptop with foldable display


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Major keypoints:

  • Project Precog and ScreenPad Plus are its latest innovations in the past 2 years.
  • In an exclusive interview with Gadget Pilipinas, Eric Chen confirmed that they are working on laptop prototypes with foldable displays

Project Precog is just among the many innovations that ASUS introduced in 30 years. A year after its announcement during Computex 2018, ¬†ASUS announced another key innovation that will usher the mobile computing era to greater heights – ScreenPad Plus. The 4K (3840×1100) secondary screen placed on top of Zenbook Pro Duo’s keyboard promises tons of features that will help creators, gamers and professionals become more productive than ever before.

Zenfone 6 4Judging by ASUS’ annual streaks of announcements, we don’t see ASUS stopping from introducing more innovations. During an interview with ASUS Corporate Vice President, Eric Chen, we got the chance to ask him about the present and future of the company. When asked about the company’s strength best achievement, Chen proudly told us that their strength lies from being able to come up with products from ideation to production. Unlike its competitors that rely on – for instance – production or manufacturing, ASUS is able to create new productions independently, This, in a way, easily drives and motivates them to come up with new innovations and products.

When asked about Lenovo’s introduction of the first laptop with foldable display, Chen said that in that regard, ASUS didn’t want to be first to make it, but become the first to do it right. Samsung, while they are the first to launch a smartphone with foldable display, the feat was marred with technical issues that eventually forced the company to recall all review units and delay the launch of Galaxy Fold. Chen, during my interview, also stressed that ASUS is working on prototypes that feature foldable displays.

What do you think about this move by ASUS to get into the foldable display innovation phase? Would you be interested to own a Zenbook with foldable display in the future? How about an all-screen foldable display akin to Project PRECOG?

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