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Brawlout is a side-scrolling 4-player knockout game that lets you play with various characters with unique specialties. At first, you will somehow think that this is a knock-off of Super Mario Bros from Nintendo because of its game design, controls and graphics but actually it is a different game in its own right. We will list down five things we love about this game and let us know what you think about it.

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Awesome Graphics

Brawlout15The interface and graphic design are carefully created by the developer, Angry Mob Games. As you can see in the screenshot, the shadows are aligned from the players and objects like the walls and vases. Brawlout has a vast list of maps that are actually connected from the brawler’s story. Each map has a different playthrough that the player must know in order to survive from the other players.

Game Modes

Brawlout16Brawlout has several game modes that let the player experience the true beauty of a party fighting game. Couch play is a mode that you can connect other controllers for local gameplay up to three additional players and you can team up with them or a free-for-all gameplay. Single player is the mode that you can play with CPU players, whether it’s Arcade, Practice or Quick Match. This mode also tells you the different stories of a brawler once you reached the top in the challenging Arcade Towers. Online is where you can play with your friends via Steam and you can play competitively in Ranked games.


Brawlout20The characters in Brawlout are called Brawlers and there are 9 of them included, and 15 unlockable character variants from those brawlers. You have to level up the main brawlers to unlock the other character variants. Each character has a unique story and the map is also congruent to each story.

In-game Store

Brawlout21Brawlout lets you grind to earn coins to unlock different kinds of piñata: Fluffy, which is the most expensive one, Fiesta and Stylish. Each piñata contains unique skins for brawlers, effects for your K.O. solar flares, Avatar Icons and even taunts.

Highly Addictive

Brawlout17This is one of the games that you can’t drop the controller until you reach your goal. It is a party fighting combat that grinding is the key in order to show off your different skins, K.O. solar flares and taunts. You can also earn coins and piñata by completing objectives and earning awards. Kudos to Angry Mob Games for making this awesome game and I can’t wait to unlock other character variants.

availableBrawlout is now available to PS4, Xbox One, PC via Steam and Nintendo Switch. The game is only Php499.95  at the Steam Store.

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