Sony Announces Project Field: Card Games Just Got Better?

Just when we thought that card games are already at their peak, a company like Sony comes in and says, “Hey, here’s another way to play that.”

Photo: Sony Japan

Sony has just announced what seems to be a very interesting project. Named Field, it takes card games to a whole new level by utilizing special pads (Equipped with IC reader, sensors, LED, and Bluetooth and can connect with tablets and smartphones) as input devices. Players can then place and move their cards on these pads which can then trigger events on the screen of the connected device.

Photo: Sony Japan

There is already a game that makes use of this system as seen in the photo below, but no information as to when this will be available in an international scale was given.

Photo: Sony Japan

Source: Kotaku

Photos: Sony Japan


Emman Tortoza
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Emman Tortoza