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Getting my laundry done every weekend is one of the many tasks I do before hitting my home office to finish my blogging tasks. I bet some of you would agree that such task is time consuming and quite expensive especially to those who use non-inverter type washing machines.

Last month, I bought myself an Electrolux EWF14112, a front-load washer that features UltraMix sytem and EcoInverter Technology. Yeah, I know; the name of the features are quite a mouthful but it’s Electrolux’ way of telling the consumers that they’ve invested a lot on research and development. You know what – everything they say about this particular model are actually true, and I have experience every bit of it.

But before I delve into sharing with you the technologies that tick in the EWF14112, there is one particular facet that I’d like to highlight about Electrolux – pre and post sales service.

Unparalleled Customer Service

As they promised, Electrolux’s customer service called me 2 days after the day I purchased my unit.They asked about my availability, and asked if their installer can survey and check the place where I wish to install the unit. 2 days later, the installer came and looked at the spot where I wanted the unit installed. Originally, I wanted it installed on the 3rd or 4th floor of our place. Eventually, the installer advised that it’s best to have it put on spot where there are provisions for water supply and drainage. He also gave me a tip what to purchase to prevent water from the direct source to the topload washer without any leaks. I must admit, setting up and preparing the spot where I wish the washer installed was quite painstaking. The long and tedious route have benefits, so I sucked it up and did everything as instructed.

A week later, Electrolux’s CSR called again to follow up the status of the installer. Everything was ready so I asked her to inform the installer to visit our place to install the unit.

When the installer arrived, all he had to do was to instruct us how to use the device and provide full safety precautions and usage instructions.

A month later, their customer service rep called again to check on my experience. Well, what do you guys expect; I’m a very satisfied client, so the girl on the other line received positive feedback from me all throughout.

UltraMix Technology

The magic behind UltraMix Technology in EWF14112 is actually the premixing of water and detergent before washing. When detergent is put on the receptacle just beside the touch panel. The inverter-type machine premixes the detergent with water in flat 30-degrees celcius. All these stuff happen without the fear of consuming too much energy and degrading the quality of my clothes.


Apart from detergent, you can also put prewash mix like baking soda or vinegar (if you want), and fabric softener.

Here’s how it actually works:

What’s also interesting with this topload washer is its ability to inform me how much detergent I should use with the weight and volume of clothes and fabric I want to wash. With this technology, it allows me to save not just electricity but also on detergent.


Apart from weight detection and detergent saving function, the washer also automatically sets how long the clothes will be washed. During my first try, the machine automatically set to wash my clothes (at full load) for 4 hours! That’s too long. I initially didn’t know that it’s possible to reduce the wash time via Time Management, so I just let the machine wash my clothes until it completed. Yeah; 4 hours long with 7 kgs of clothes.


The washer has a vapor function, which basically “injects” heat while washing the clothes. It’s the reason why the clothes are hot when removed from the washer. The washer does not have a dryer function, but at least, it’s ready to be hung all the way from the washer.

I’ve got kids who keep on opening cabinets. The top-load washer posts a serious threat to their safety if they open  and put their arms inside while it’s washing. I don’t need to worry about anything with EWF14112 as it has a safety feature that basically stops the washing mechanism when the topload door is opened accidentally.


The Electrolux EWF14112 is an amazing washer and I can recommend it any time of the day. I don’t usually blog and recommend products like this on my website, but I’m bravely putting an exemption on this one. Never have I felt so mature with a purchase like this, and I would definitely regard this as one of the best purchases this year.

Giancarlo Viterbo is a Filipino Technology Journalist, blogger and Editor of, He is also a Geek, Dad and a Husband. He knows a lot about washing the dishes, doing some errands and following instructions from his boss on his day job. Follow him on twitter: @gianviterbo and @gadgetpilipinas.

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