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During the launch of Smart’s satellite phone and accessories last September 10, we were reminded that an ounce of prevention is definitely better than a pound of cure. No matter how this sounds too cliche, it’s a reminder that you rather would have heard and put everything into action than totally disregard then suffer dire consequences when disaster strikes.


In the 8 fold preparedness deck presented by Louie Domingo during the launch, it was mentioned that communication is one of the keys to survive “the big one” or probably the next “Yolanda” incident. Apart from PPPP, learning sustainable living techniques, understanding immediate action drill, rule of 3s, assessment, implementing plans and daylight savings time (DST), knowing various communication means is vital to survival. A simple flashlight may actually be used to signal people about your status. A whistle can definitely save lives. And of course, mobile phones have several functions that, when used properly, can not just help you save yourself, but also other people’s lives/

Mobile phones that require GSM connection, however, are proven to be somewhat unreliable especially during calamities. Communication lines and towers can get cut off during major catastrophes and having a satellite phone can definitely help and even save lives. This is the point stressed during the launch of SmartSAT, Smart’s latest satellite-powered communication service.


The service gives the user the flexibility, mobility and connectivity of a normal cellular phone even when there is no GSM Signal. Surprisingly, the service does not exclude mobile data because it is also possible to send and receive data albeit slower than most of us are accustomed too.

During the launch, Senior Manager for SMART Satellite Services, Jonathan Huertas, formally launched 3 devices, the XT, iPhone SatSleeve and Android SatSleeve. All the devices are made by a world-learding mobile satellite service provider for voice an data, Thuraya. The said company is also known for its superior Satellite network and extensive satellite coverage (more on this later).


XT is known to be the world’s toughest satellite phone. The device poses almost similar resemblance to the legendary Nokia 5110. The satellite phone has a retracting antenna, and sports a build that can endure harsh conditions of environment. It is splash and dust resistant, and shock proof too.

The 2 SatSleeve devices are adaptors that allow Apple and Android users to turn their smartphone into satellite phone. Phones that are docked or attached to the SatSleeve allow the phones to receive and send emails, browse the internet and access favorite apps even from remote locations as long as the user is within the satellite’s coverage area.


The image below show the primary and secondary coverage of the satellite.


Rates and Charging

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With SmartSAT, you or your business is more than ready for anything. For more info about SmartSat, go to


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