OPPO Unveils AI Innovations at Google Cloud Next ’24

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OPPO, in partnership with Google Cloud, has launched several AI innovations at the Google Cloud Next ’24 conference, aiming to create a fresh AI Phone experience, alongside a joint announcement with OnePlus to utilize Google’s Gemini models.

“Generative AI marks a significant milestone in the evolution of artificial intelligence. It brings forth greater creativity, novel possibilities, enhanced technical scalability, and significantly improved efficiency. These factors instill us with confidence as we step into a new era of AI Phones. Our deep collaboration with Google Cloud throughout our journey is pivotal. Google Cloud’s open platform capabilities hold profound significance for OPPO’s advancement of AI Phones.”

Nicole Zhang, OPPO and OnePlus GM of AI Products 

OPPO AI Innovations

OPPO Ai Innovations 2

Leading the Way in Utilizing the Latest Gemini Family of Models

OPPO and OnePlus are integrating Google’s Gemini models to create a new era of AI Phones. This will enable significant upgrades and evolution in AI experiences across their product lines. The partnership aims to introduce innovative features throughout 2024, aiming to create a formidable mobile AI experience, allowing a broader user base to easily embrace AI Phones.

The Four Core Capabilities of AI Phones

The company, a leading global provider of AI phones, has partnered with global industry partners to redefine the mobile industry. At the Google Cloud Next ’24 conference, OPPO discussed the four core capabilities of AI phones: efficient computing, real-world perception, self-learning, and creativity. The company also discussed its plans for full-stack transformation and ecosystem restructuring of AI phones.

Enable More Users Globally to Experience the Boundless Joy of AI Phones

OPPO and OnePlus are collaborating to roll out AI features globally in 2024, including the acclaimed OPPO AI Eraser. This powerful AI recognition and image-filling technology can recognize over 120 categories of objects, including people, pets, phones, flowers, trees, and buildings.

OPPO AI Eraser

The feature will be available on devices like the Reno 11 Pro, Reno 11, Reno 11 F, Find N3, and Find N3 Flip

The company and OnePlus are also collaborating with Google to integrate cloud AI products into more mobile devices, enabling advanced AI capabilities like news article summaries, real-time audio content organization, and creative social media content generation.

OPPO’s Commitment to Advancing and Popularizing AI Phones

The company and OnePlus are integrating AI into their product development, focusing on mobile imaging performance and computational photography. OPPO has established an AI Center to enhance its capabilities and focus on creating AI Phones. OnePlus uses AI technologies like the Trinity Engine for faster and smoother experiences. 

OPP AI Innovations banner

Over the next 3-5 years, the company and OnePlus will develop over 100 new features using generative AI technology, collaborating with global partners to create revolutionary AI Phone experiences.

For more information, visit OPPO’s website.

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