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Have you ever tried using UC Browser? We have been using UC Browser for more than a month now on our iPhone 6 Plus and ASUS Zenfone Selfie, and we are utterly surprised with the boatload of features it offers. Apart from its highly popular Download Management feature, the browser also features equally important value added modules such as Data Compression, Cloud System, Sharing buttons and shortcuts to popular local websites.


UC Browser’s mobile interface has a very minimalist feel. It puts more emphasis on content, but makes its other under-the-hood features available and accessible at the bottom of the application window. Just like other mobile browsers, URLs may be put and seen atop the application window. The latter automatically minimizes when it’s not being used, and shows 3 default tabs (Web, App and Video) when clicked. All these easy-access features make our operations really quick and very seamless.

Accessing website is blazing fast on UCBrowser. Such is a product of their extensive reserch and development on data compression and cloud acceleration. Data compression allows files to be sent in smaller packets thereby reducing your data consumption. The change in data consumption charging in the Philippines has dramatically increased, and having a browser with aforementioned compression technology mitigates the issue on overusing data. What UC Browser does is that it uses UCWeb’s servers as proxy, which does the job in compressing data of the page being visited before sending it to end-users. This operation is already built in to UC Browser’s “DNA” that is why websites seemed to load a lot faster. This is clearly the reason why this browser is regarded as the fastest browser for Android. UCWeb, the company behind UCBrowser. also claims that it is the fastest 3rd party browser for Android Marshmallow. It is also the top downloaded 3rd party browser at Google Play Store.

The site’s extensive share buttons are also worth mentioning. But what sets it apart from other browsers is its Doodle Share feature that allows users to attach cute stickers to websites being shared or referred to. Check out the screenshots we’ve got below for reference.

UC Browser also has a Home section where you can find all the top sites bookmarked and curated by UCWeb for all its users. This helps you easily search the web, look and download applications and watch YouTube videos. Most of the “pre-bookmarked” sites are the ones that UCWeb have established relationships and partnership with. This model has actually made UCWeb and its products (like UC Browser) loved by both users and partners.

It doesn’t just connect brands and even bloggers like me with their audience, but it also its users to easily access their favorite sites or directly access suggested links. As a matter of fact, if you navigate through the suggested sites, you will automatically be redirected to our website – Gadget Pilipinas – if you click the bookmark named ‘Techblog’. Over time, the websites that you frequently visit will be listed in the browsers home section.

Much like Mozilla Firefox for Desktop, the UC Browser Mobile has lots of add-ons available in its reposity. Our pesonal favorite is Save Page, which allows users to save webpages in HTML form that may be accessed anytime.

Overall, UC Browser is a well thought of application, packed with features that enhances overall web browsing experience. It’s our mobile browser of first choice and we can’t wait for more awesome things that they’ll implement on its future updates.

Download UC Browser from Google Play or ucweb.com to experience the top ranked mobile browser app in Phillipines.

[alert variation=”alert-info”]UCWeb Inc. (UCWeb) is a leading provider of mobile internet software and services. Since its inception in 2004, UCWeb’s mission has been to provide better mobile internet experience to people around the world. The flagship product of UCWeb, UC Browser, is available on more than 3,000 different models of mobile devices from over 200 manufacturers, and is compatible with all mainstream operating systems. Serving users in more than 150 countries and regions around the world, UC Browser is now available in 11 languages including English, Russian, Indonesian, and Vietnamese. Additional information about UCWeb and UC Browser can be found at www.ucweb.com. UCWeb Inc. is a business within Alibaba Group.[/alert]

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