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KingCom is full of surprises. Last 2014, they introduced a new device, Sigma Stone that made them more known in the smartphone industry. Suddenly, a company known for selling SD cards and powerbanks has just agro in getting into the industry and is snatching a portion of the market pie.

A couple of months later, KingCom launched the big-screened KingCom PiPhone Venus. The reception and sentiments of Filipinos are balanced, but most are wanting for a smaller-built version of the said phone.

2 weeks later, KingCom silently announced S!gma Evo – a smartphone that’s surprisingly full featured but with processor clocked a bit slower than Venus. Today, we’re unboxing one and we’ll let you be the judge if it rocks or not.

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The retail box, as you can see in the video above, looks elegant and clean. It shows how the phone looks like in front, and displays all the specifications you need to know about the device at the back.

Let’s pay attention to the specifications:

  • It has a 5.0” HD Super AMOLED display. With this screen technology – with resolution of 1280 x 720 – colors should standout and texts should be clear and sharp enough.
  • Its octa-core processor is clocked at 1.4Ghz. It’s slower than PiPhone Venus, but it should be fast enough to handle hardcore games and hardware intensive applications. While it does not say on the box, we learned that this phone rocks a 1GB RAM, which we believe is just right to complement the phone’s processing power to handle games and applications.
  • Camera-wise, it has a 13mp with autofocus rear facing camera, and a 5mp front facing one. We’d like to test this fully later, and give a you full report later on.
  • The phone also supports 2 SIM cards; has WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS.
  • But perhaps its best unique selling proposition is its Fingerprint sensor, which is kind of very rare for its decent price of PhP7,998.

At this point, let’s proceed with the unboxing. An upward pool of the upper portion of the box reveals the smartphone placed inside the box. It’s covered in plastic, but we’ll take the phone of out it later after we see what else we can find inside the box.

Here are the things you can find inside:

  • A screen protector
  • A windowed case
  • Manual
  • Warranty
  • MicroUSB cable
  • Charger
  • 2 pieces of 2200mAh battery (This is a beautiful surprise in my opinion, and it’s a great alternative to the missing earphones. KingCom was probably encouraging you to grab one of their Zeus headphones, and pair it to Evo.

Let’s take a tour of the phone. With and even without the 2200mAh battery inside the phone, S!gma Evo is very light. It has rounded bezels, which gives extra grip and comfort when holding the phone vertically.

In front you will find its 5-inch HD Super Amoled Display. On top of it is the earpiece, 5mp camera and light sensor. The smartphone employs a minimalist look, and the phone’s capacitive buttons are very consistent to its overall design inspiration.

Volume rockers can be found at the left side of the phone, while the Sleep/Wake button are conveniently placed on its right. The phone has 1 microphone, and it’s located at the bottom; and its micro USB and 3.5mm jacks are placed well on top of the phone.

The phone’s back panel has a rubbery feel – and if you’re the type of person who doesn’t want slippery devices, KingCom S!gma Evo could be a great choice. Like most Android devices with removable back panel we used, Evo has a small nib on its lower left side which gives users access to the battery, micro SD card and SIM cards.

On top of the trays, you will find the 13mp autofocus camera, LED flash and finger print sensor.

KingCom is getting far better when it comes to designing and marketing their devices. Everything started off with the S!gma Stone and followed by PiPhone Venus. While we don’t always agree with how they name their devices, we support KingCom in bring these full features-clad smartphones that are bang for our bucks.

KingCom Evo, KingCom S!gma Evo, KingCom Sigma Evo, KingCom PiPhone Venus, KingCom Venus

What can you say about this guys? I know you’ve got questions and thoughts in mind. We’ll be very happy to try in answering all of them.

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