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Named after the Roman goddess of love and beauty, VENUS by KingCom has a great potential to be loved by Filipinos. But before anything else, I’d love to share with you our unboxing video and photo sets of Venus.

Check out the photo below, and hover on the hotspots to see what you can find inside its retail box.

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Among the noteworthy specifications of VENUS, its full-HD screen and octa-core MediaTek processor perhaps make the phablet a very desirable purchase. Runner-ups include its 3,000mAh battery and killer pricing – PhP7,998.

Let me give you a walk-through of the device.

The phablet has a classy golden coating. It’s slightly slippery; and if you’ve got small hands, you might have a little trouble grabbing it wholly. The device has faux-metallic edges that look really great and glamorous; and tapered back panel that make it look even better.

KingCom Venus (8)

In front, you will find its 7-inch Full HD IPS touchscreen display that I find slightly bright but very clear! Texts are readable, and photos are satisfactorily saturated. KingCom VENUS has on-screen buttons, not capacitive ones. Our unboxing video below – at this timestamp, shows how its UI looks and its display quality.

KingCom Venus (13)

There’s nothing to see on its left side as all hard keys are located on its right side. The order from top to bottom are: Sleep/Wake, Volume rockers. All buttons are coated with textured faux-chrome material, which adds elegance to Venus’ overall looks.

KingCom Venus (5)

As for its ports and peripheral, the 3.5mm headphone jack is located on top, and its microphone and microUSB slot are placed at the bottom. The speakers are located at the back of phone, just below the PiPhone branding.

KingCom Venus (6)

The phablet’s main 5mp camera with AF and flash can be found at its back, while its 2mp secondary camera is located just above its screen. I would love to assume that these 2 things would be few of the phablet’s most used features, so we’ll take tons of sample photos and videos, and share everything with you on our full review.

Brace Yourselves

With VENUS’ amazing features, I recon that KingCom is ready to go directly against its top competitors. The things I mentioned above are just part and parcel of VENUS’ features that amazed me. There are still a few more things to test like power efficiency and performance consistency. We’d love to try the full potential of its 1.7Ghz Octa-Core processor – play a few resource-heavy games and perform benchmarks maybe. Snap a few photos and videos, and let you all be the judge. Take some calls and send messages to see if its connectivity features are steadily reliable.

We need your help in reviewing this product further. What do you want us to test heavily, which you think would be really be helpful for consumers? Drop your comments below, and let’s get the ball rolling.

Device Photos

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