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If you’re wall-hugger, and you’re always on lookout for outlets so you can charge your device/s, this product that KimStore sent us is probably the best one you can own. This is the Powerhouse Voyager, a USB charger that would allow you to charge up to 4 devices through its full 6.8A USB ports.

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The accessory does not look so fancy. It’s totally pocket-friendly, and you wouldn’t have any problems keeping it inside your bag. There’s a faint blue light that shows that the charger is already charging your devices. It looks like a powerbank, with a Type A power connector. Let me be clear on this though: it only looks like a powerbank but does not function as one. By region specific, you may want to refer to the diagram below to see where you can directly connect this to (only in the yellow colored locations).


Powerhouse Voyager has a couple security features up its “sleeve”. For starters, Powerhouse claims that it is best in class intelligent chip to protect your devices from overheart, overcharge, overtemperature and overvoltage. It guarantees that it’s fireproof and it can really simultaneously charge devices with even power distribution. KimStore recommends though to use device’s original cable or certified third-party cable to ensure optimal performance. I’ve tested the following devices on this charger, and I can totally confirm that I didn’t experience any issues:

  • iPhone 6 Plus
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Dual
  • Sony Xperia Z3 Tablet Compact
  • Nexus 7 (2013)
  • Pebble Steel
  • PS Vita
  • Playstation Dualschock 4

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This multi-device charger currently retails for PhP799 via KimStore. It’s normally sold at PhP1,800, but Kimstore is selling it for a very good price.

Powerhouse Voyager (7)

That faint blue light shows that it’s ready or it’s already charging your devices.

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