Is there such a thing as “Insurance for Gadgets” in the Philippines?

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I own a lot of protective cases for my iPhone 5 and for my Galaxy Note 2. Just recently, I received an Otterbox Armor, which basically makes my iPhone resistant to water, crush, drop and dust. But you will probably agree with me that protecting or caring for one of the most important “investments” of your life doesn’t end with protective cases alone.

Accidental damage isn’t just the only risk that you can face, but you also have to consider worldwide coverage from theft or robbery and postpaid bill (protection) with unit replacement provision.

But the question is: can you buy an insurance for your smartphone in Philippines?

There are some insurance companies in the Philippines that offer “gadget insurance”. When scouting and buying insurance for your device (smartphone, digital SLR cameras, laptops, etc.), you have to be wary that products such as ‘gadget insurance’ are quite pricey.

Accidental damage and robbery of mobile devices are considered high risk, thus insurance companies (its underwriters and actuaries) would price ‘gadget insurance’ quite steep and for a very limited period of time. Sometimes, some insurance companies would venture into a limited partnership with a telco or mobile phone manufacturer and offer bundled gadget insurance for subscribers. In effect, this “venture” bring value to both companies – telco/mobile phone manufacturer – and to buyers as well. It can boost sales and at the same – for customers – can buy this products a little bit cheaper. Well, just like in the case of Globe’s Gadget Care.


If you get a plan form Globe, Gadge Care is free on the 1st month of subscription. You can extend this every month by paying a specific amount depending on what tier your device belongs. When something “bad” happens to your phone, and its covered by GadgetCare, you just simply have to pay a fixed participation fee.


Try this! If you want to know more about GadgetCare, be sure to head on to this link for more information. Tell us what you think about this product too by typing in your comments below.

For full press release of GadgetCare, please see document below:

Globe Gadget Care Press Release

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