O+ 8.52 Review from a Consumer’s Perspective

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Look and Capacity – these two words for me clearly depicts O+ 8.52 amidst the countless android Smartphones that are hitting the market nowadays.

Your Php5,999 could get you this good-looking device that is packed with efficient features and performs up to snuff.

O+ 8.52 Style and Look

Here are some insights on O+ 8.52 from a consumer’s perspective.


  • At a glance, the device has a classy look for its price. It is mainly touch-screen and has only 3 capacitive buttons which gives more space for visual display.
  • Back cover is matte finished so it’s free from scratches and can remain neatly.
  • I find it handy as well, just enough width that can be grasped easily by one hand.


  • Performance wise, this phone is a clever device for the standard uses of a Smartphone.
  • Common games such as Candy Crush run well, even those with tilting requirements like Temple Run.
  • I tried to play YouTube videos via wifi connection and it played smoothly.
  • It has dual-camera, of which the back captures 5MP photos, has auto-focus and flash features.
  • I did video recording too, and the output was polished although a little bit grainy.
  • The phone has a dual-sim capability, which can be a plus for those keeping two numbers.
  • Also, O+ 8.52 has a special feature of air shuffle, which provides a lesser effort for users should they want to take pictures by themselves or change songs when listening to music.
  • I should say too that this handset has a good standard connectivity for an affordable mobile phone.
  • Although its battery life is not so much for gaming, it is good enough for standard use.

O+ 8.52 dimension

The O+ 8.52 box comes complete with the contents below. It even comes with a memory card, all ready to give you a fun mobile experience.

  • Handset
  • battery
  • micro USB adapter
  • charger adapter
  • earphones
  • manual
  • warranty card
  • Free 4GB micro SD

O+ 8.52 matte-finished cover

This surely is a competitive device considering its price. Here are its specifications for your better scrutiny.

  • Dual Core 1GHz Cortex A9
  • Android 4.1.1 (Jellybean)
  • 4” capacitive touch screen camera
  • Air Shuffle FM, Music, Photos, Camera
  • Front camera (VGA)
  • Back camera (5MP autofocus, LED flash)
  • Download unlimited apps via Andorid Play Store
  • Quad band GSM
  • 3G connectivity
  • With voice command navigation over GPS/AGPS
  • 512 MB RAM
  • 4gb internal memory and up to 32gb expandable memory card
  • Easy file sharing via Bluetooth

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