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While others are still waiting to have their access on Graph Search, let us excite you more by giving you the list of what you can get from this latest feature of Facebook.

  1. Gain insights on lifestyle trends. “Favorite movies of my friends”, “Foods and restaurants liked by my friends”, “Games my friends play”, and “Apps my friends use”. You can find them all and more using Graph Search. Thus, it’s easier for you to know and try the sought after brands of your circle. Should you don’t have anything yet in mind to explore, try the link “Discover something new”, and it will automatically generate a sample search for you.
  2. Look for establishments near you. If you’re craving for a specific cuisine, hunting for a perfect date place, or just searching for a hospital, mall, hotel, resort, any enterprise near you, the tool can be a good reference too. You can type “Restaurants near Makati” or maybe go for more specific like “American restaurants that Juan Dela Cruz liked”.
  3. Discover more with photos. If you are to go on a vacation like for example in Palawan, Graph Search can be a great help in planning your itinerary. You can browse for “Photos taken in Puerto Princesa, Palawan of my friends”. Then, extend your search with options like “places the photos were taken” and “people who posted the photos”. Aside from places, you could also browse photos of foods, bands, celebrities and of course photos of you and your friends. More visual search results that let you explore more.
  4. Locate people. Now, this part is awesome and a bit troublesome too. Graph Search lets you find people. Want to look for a person who shares same interests with you? Or someone who went to the same school and same company with you? Or maybe you’re looking for someone whose name is Particia, who is a friend of your friends, and is living in Makati? Yes! Search can be so thorough with the filters you can play with, which can make the tool effective too in stalking someone or in looking for a potential date. If it’s easy for you to find someone, it will also be easy for someone to find and bug you. It’s better to review the privacy setting of your account.
  5. Have unpaid brand ambassadors for businesses. This indeed is a time when consumer can empower or injure your business. If many like your brand, check-in at your branch, or upload photos of your products, it increases the chance of being searched. Furthermore, because the actions are initiated by friends, it becomes more valued.

These are just some of what information you can look for using Facebook Graph Search. It’s amusing to use as it provides profound search results that are based on the interests and demographics of your friends. The outcomes it generates are different compared to those of search engines: more personal and warmer. Yet, like all good things can have their downside, it can open us to privacy risks. Hence, we better have to be responsible in maximizing its use and may we always be reminded of the limits of what we should share online.

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