EPSON Redefines Commercial and Industrial Printing Possibilities with Its New Printer Models


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EPSON has been gearing towards its strategic growth on 2015. As part of its strategy, EPSON delivered its promise to drive growth in the commercial and industrial printing. The world leader in digital imaging and printing solutions launch eight new printer models.


These are:

  • The Epson SureColor S Series
  • The Epson SureColor T Series
  • The Epson SureColor SL-D3000

These new innovations in Epson printers were unveiled during the “EPSON: Engineered to Print. Redefining Commercial and Industrial Printing Possibilities” last January 22, 2012 at Solution Center of Epson Philippines office. Epson is continuously harnessing the power of its proprietary, The Micro Piezo™ print head technology, to give their customers extreme capabilities such as cost efficiency, high speed and high quality printing. The best thing about the Micro Piezo™ print head is the low heat involved its operation which allows wide range of ink types and substrates. This is the advantage comparing to the competing thermal-based printing technologies.


Epson President Minoru Usui said, “Epson’s Micro Piezo™ technology is the ideal for almost any industrial printing application. Therefore, it is my dream that one day, everything will be printed by Epson.”  The Micro Piezo™ technology has been developed in the early 90s and President Minoru Usui happened to be the team’s lead engineer that develops it.

New Epson SureColor S Series Signage Printers

Best for indoor and outdoor printing, the new New Epson SureColor S Series is the new printing industry’s premier sign printing solutions, taking over Epson’s Stylus Pro GS6000. Epson SureColor S Series offers low cost, high spend and high quality printing. High productivity to hi profitability print, is one of the advantage of the S-Series because of its compatibility with a wide range of applications and can be used with different types of media. Epson as an eco-friendly printer uses eco-solvent inks that are odorless, nickel free, and need no ventilation for curing.

Epson S30670

New Epson SureColor T Series

Perfect for engineering and architectural designs, The SureColor T Series is the company’s first printer specifically designed for CAD (Computer Aided Design) printing. These printers provided high quality and high value prints. All of these printers provide cost efficiency, high productivity, with Epson’s legendary accuracy in printing. The SureColor T Series in ink which is specifically developed foe CAD printing, the new Epson Ultra Chrome XD ink.

Epson T7070

Epson SureLab D3000

Epson has been renowned prowess in large format photo and graphic arts printing. Epson introduced the SureLab SL-D3000 as its first photo dry lab system.  SL-D3000 offers a 1440×1440 dpi resolution, with the print quality and color consistency which is comparable to Epson’s professional graphic printers.  The SureLab SL-D3000 features their new Epson Ultra Chrome D6 6-color dye ink set which exceeds the traditional halide prints, giving our vivid and lifelike printout with excellent black density.

Micro Piezo™ Technology

Epson’s Micro Piezo™ technology is the heart of the New Epson’s commercial and Industrial printer. The Micro Piezo™ Technology made Epson the leader in the printing industry. This technology provides the advantages and benefits of Versatility, Durability, High Quality printing, High Speed printing, and Power efficiency.  The Micro Piezo™ technology not apply heat stress on the ink, it is compatible and can be used with a wide range of inks. Since its performance does not deteriorate due to heating, the printing head is highly durable and reliable, making it possible to respond to all the needs of the consumer market with an exemplary performance in the industrial printing field. The Micro Piezo™ technology precisely applies ink in accurate volume with the tiniest droplet (1.5 Pico liters) the printing head can emit, making beautiful gradation and exceptional image quality with almost no sign of graininess. The high frequency oscillation of the piezo elements generates 40000 ink drops per second giving out extremely high speed in printing and still providing high quality image. Piezo uses less power than thermal inkjet print heads because the resistors used by thermal print heads to heat the ink consume a much higher amount of power compared to the piezoelectric method. Micro Piezo™ Technology is what makes Epson different from the rest.

EPC Country Manager Toshimitsu Tanaka’s word to the Filipino businesses

“The products we are unveiling today will be of great benefit for indoor and outdoor signage printing, fine art professionals, CAD users including architects, engineers, and GIS professionals, commercial printers, photo printing professionals, and professional photographers. Epson has Japanese technology and expertise to offer, and we are committed to support Filipino businesses by giving them access to our global technologies.”

“We believe that these new products and other Epson C&I products in the pipeline, we will have the momentum to aggressively extend our commercial and industrial printing growth.”

Epson has really done something good with their new line of printer. Productivity report can be printed right after a project has been printed. Printers that can be configured in the local network and people with the network can print just by sending the project thru email. Eco-friendly printers and high speed printing with low power consumption. With these kind of innovation, Epson President Minoru Usui’s dream that one day, everything will be printed by Epson is just within its reach.


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